Do Drink And Bike!

Now here’s a lovely contraption, if only because there is nothing I love more than riding my bicycle home inebriated.

But seriously. I don’t have a bike. Also, this really probably is handy. Plus it’s adorbs, and it totally adds to that urban-enviro-cyclist look that you’re rocking.

[via A Cup of Jo]

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    • curlysarah29

      Super cute! Maybe illegal? I have a friend who got an OWI (Operating While Intoxicated) ticket while on his bike.

      • oja

        It’s not illegal to carry a closed bottle of alcohol in a car, so I don’t think it would be illegal on a bike.

    • Dove

      Riding a bike drunk is a bad idea. You can actually get a DUI if the cops catch you. If I get drunk and have my bike I usually just scoot home on the sidewalk (as in, I don’t pedal, I just push myself along with my feet, slowly). It’s like 50% faster than walking, so there’s that.

      • monpetitchou

        I totally agree with you, and I’m also enjoying picturing a drunk person doing what you described.

    • oja

      I don’t think you’re meant to actually drink the wine while riding your bike, I think it’s for people who use their bike as their primary mode of transportation and want to take wine somewhere (like to a dinner party.)
      …I want one.

    • Lisa

      Ooh, that bottle looks like it’s in a breakable position… but I do like bikes, and wine.