Do You Think Sarah Jessica Parker Deserved To Be Called “Breathless And Witless” By The New York Times?

The New York Timesreview of the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Alexander McQueen show has been getting lots of linkage this week, but not for its magical prose or deep analysis of the retrospective. Rather, the attention is focused on a throwaway line about how disappointed writer Suzy Menkes was in the curator’s failure to quote intellectual heavyweights on McQueen: “Instead, we get Sarah Jessica Parker’s breathless and witless take on the McQueen style.” Meowch! Was this really necessary?

Before you answer, consider the fact that it wasn’t Sarah Jessica Parker’s fault curator Andrew Bolton asked her for a quote for the exhibit. What was she supposed to do? Say, “thanks for attempting to include me in your retrospective of one of my favorite designers, but I’m afraid I’m a tad too breathless and witless to be of much assistance?” I don’t think so, and I’m no SJP fan. But more importantly, what do you think?

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    • kjon

      Why does everyone have to have a Ph.D to state their opinion? SJP isn’t not everyone’s cup of tea but what was she supposed to say? “I’m not witty enough for McQueen.”?
      Ph.D might be an exaggeration but the point is that we, as a society, are very quick to make snap judgements about who “qualifies” to simply make a comment about something.

    • Goldie

      No one should fault SJP for offering her opinion– I don’t think that Menkes is criticizing SJP as much as the curator. It is insulting to SJP, no doubt, but I think the main intent was to criticize the tendency to feature the opinions of celebrities over lesser-knowns who have deeper insight and more educated comments. Going for the sizzle instead of the steak.

    • Eileen

      I agree with Goldie – the criticism isn’t directed at SJP. As to whether or not the comment should have been called “breathless and witless,” I’m going to need to hear what she said first. If it WAS a stupid comment, then by all means call it stupid.