Poll: Do You Have Something More Embarrassing In Your Past Than Pippa Middleton’s Pics?

Apparently, some people think that leaked pictures of a person in their underwear have the potential to shock the public enough to permanently damage the person’s reputation. (I think those people haven’t ever read a blog or seen the cover of “Maxim.”)

The Daily Mail reports that because of photos popping up on “U.S. websites” of Pippa Middleton dancing in just a bra and a skirt, and, alternately, wrapped in a dress made of toilet paper, she is going to bring great shame upon herself and her family.

Well, hm. If Pippa Middleton should be embarrassed about those pictures, I have in my possession photos of myself that should make me want to launch myself into deep space in an unmarked rocket.

What about you? Do you have something more embarrassing in your past than a topless pic and a toilet paper dress (which, I feel compelled to point out, are standard fare at bridal showers here in the shameless U.S.)?

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    • MNiM

      Oh, please. We’ve all done embarrassing things, and unfortunately, sometimes we or our friends think it’s hilarious to take pics of us doing it. How many of Facebook’s servers would it take just to hold the embarrassing thing.

      On top of which, that looks like typical college-era behavior to me, nothing particularly scandlous — most people her age have either done something similar or at the very least, seen it — unless I suppose you yourself haven’t been to college.

      As for “great shame upon herself and her family”, really? What does that make the photos of Prince Harry at the costume party dressed as a Nazi? Somehow I suspect the Daily Fail was quite so harsh in their assessment of those pictures.

    • Emi

      Oh please she is dancing with her brother! I think that is cute, and the tilet paper dress is cute too!

      • Shannon

        If that’s her brother, isn’t this a more embarrassing picture for him? I mean, he’s only wearing boxers. At least Pippa’s got some non-underwear clothing still on. Meh.

    • Megan

      Well, dancing with your brother in your bra is kind of weird. Can’t deny that one. Reputation-smashing? Nah. I still wouldn’t want pics of me posted like this.

      Also…all I can think about the toilet paper dress is DAMN, she is rockin’ it.

    • Diana

      And that’s why my best friend and I had a strict ‘no photos’ policy at our parties at university and the guest list was quite limited to the science geeks… There’s nothing like a smart drunk kid: no inhibitions and many, many funny crazy ideas!

    • Jane

      I’d be more embarrassed by the facial expression.

    • Abernacky

      Pudding wrestling as a freshman in college at my boyfriend’s fraternity house during rush. And I’m soooo glad in 2001 no one had digital cameras or could record video on their phones.