The Met’s Gift Shop Is Selling Tiny Armadillo Shoes

It’s a well known fact that Alexander McQueen’s designs are amazing, but they certainly don’t come cheap. If the things in Tuesday’s gallery of Alexander McQueen items that cost under $500 were still too expensive for you, might I suggest this tiny armadillo shoe currently available in the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s gift shop? Created expressly for sale during the Met’s McQueen retrospective, these four-inch tall ornaments are similar to the well-known design made famous by Lady Gaga’s bizarro video for Bad Romance.

At $25, they’re certainly much cheaper than the full-sized version, and if you happen to be a tiny fairy person with four-inch-long feet, they’re quite the steal. All the other fey folk will be like, “OMG, I love your weird-looking shoes! Are they McQueen? Holy shit, they are. You bitch.” And you will be like, “yeah what,” and resume drinking booze out of flowers or having sex with butterflies, or whatever the fey folk like to do these days. Anyway, tiny armadillo shoes: they are neat.

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    • sarahnoid

      Thank you for posting this! They’re already on backorder, but I’ve got one on backorder so….

      I’d kill a bitch for a full size version.