Gallery: Surviving A Summer Vacation With Your In-Laws

Photo by Matt Gross

Now that it’s almost summer, it’s entirely possible that if you’re coupled up, you will spend a weekend (or even an entire week…the horror) with your partner’s family on vacation.

This can be treacherous grounds, ladies. Usually one day into this kind of thing, one is ready to sneak off into the night, cut the boat from the shore and make a frantic, ill-advised run for it.

But it needn’t be this way. Here are some ways to survive travel with your in-laws, such as they are:

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    • Joe

      Regardless of gender, the flask rule is a solid call. Having a personal stash is a brilliant preparation to deal with any potentially awkward / long / annoying situation.

    • B

      I went on vacation with my husband’s family only once, when we first started dating, and I never will again. That whole tip about insisting on alone time? They wouldn’t let us have alone time. They even invited themselves to our anniversary dinner. Finally, we ended up just sneaking off whenever we could, and after I left, my husband had to hear his family whine about how “mean” he was being to them. My relationship with his family has been terrible from the very beginning because they are raging lunatics.

      I do think these are good tips for anyone whose in-laws are within the realm of normal, though!

      • Kate

        Aaaaand my in-laws are not within the realm of normal either (mine crashed his birthday dinner), so I will be taking the flask advice.

    • Becca

      My husband and I are about to celebrate our one year anniversary. I think that my husband has more fun with his family than just me. I ended up inviting them along and he eagerly agreed. Although he said no at first, he didn’t push hard for it being just us. I love my in laws but am not used to not having my own space on trips. My husband tries so hard to ensure everyone is good that I feel so stressed. also my experience with them on trips is stressful and I end up so frustrated with my husband and them that it causes fights. We have a cruise in one month, I’m not sure how to set ground rules with my husband, especially since when I try he gets defensive.