Poll: Do You Believe In Love At First Sight?

Kristin Cavallari and her new fiancé, Chicago bears quarterback Jay Cutler, claim that theirs was love at first sight. Cavallari tells People.com that, “I think we both knew from the moment we met that we wanted to marry each other.”

Aw. That’s so sweet, isn’t it?

But seriously. Do you believe in love at first sight? I think I believe in attraction at first sight, sure, and feeling a strong connection to someone, and liking them a lot, and being intrigued by them, and wanting to be around them a lot so you can get to know them better cause you’re really interested. But I think it takes a little longer before love happens.

But, per usual, that’s just me. What do you think?

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    • Jenny

      Speaking from experience, when I met my husband I had a weird sense of “He’s going to be around forever.” It wasn’t “Oh my gosh! I love this man and I want to go live in a castle and have lots of babies!” It wasn’t mushy. It wasn’t overpowering. We didn’t even say the “L” word for over a month. Just an undercurrent of “Yeah, this is important.”
      So I don’t know how to answer the poll because it wasn’t “love” at first sight, just some weird feeling of foreshadowing.

    • oja

      Nope, that’s lust, you have to atleast had a good conversation with someone to know if you have a connection to them.

    • M

      I believe wholeheartedly in lust at first sight, and I also believe that a lot of people can mistaken that instant chemistry for spontaneous love. I’ve been immediately drawn to people seemingly beyond just simple lust and some of them are still my friends, but the only two guys I’ve gotten even semi-seriously emotionally involved with kind of blindsided me. The first I literally didn’t even notice the first time I met him, but he grew on me eventually; we had an affair of sorts but we never actually had a ‘relationship’. The second [my current boyfriend that I can absolutely see myself spending the rest of my life with] I noticed immediately because he’s gorgeous, but even when he was interested in me I figured he would just be another fling in the series of flings that have personified my dating career since it began [affair-ish guy being the sole exception]. He still claims he knew I was a keeper right away, but based on his previous relationships I get the impression that he believes that more often and more easily than the average Joe.

      Entirely unrelated, I only JUST figured out I can grow this textbox from its default tiny size by dragging at the corner with the dots.

    • Carolyn

      I think people who believe in love at first sight are just the lucky ones. I’ve had strong feelings of attraction/intrigue/excitement/start picturing our lives together moments after first meeting someone and had those feelings fade as I got to know the person and realized they weren’t the one….These people are just lucky they happened to meet the one so quickly and those feelings didn’t fade, not people who fell in love at first sight.

    • Looking for Eric

      I believe whole heartedly in a strong deep kind of feeling (not lust) at first sight. I have experienced this and it is soo hard to explain so hard to really comprehend myself. He was someone I had never Ever seen before in my life and the feeling was instantaneous, it occured the instant my eyes viewed him. It was something that even today is hard to believe. The thing I find hardest about it is that I have to deal with the unknown of the feeling and the occurrence that happened. I dont know why I felt that way and I will never be able to forget it. I didn’t ask for this to happen and I wasn’t looking for it, it just happened truthfully I wouldn’t really want to wish this on anyone because the heartache it can cause from the uncertainty is unfair, it is a slow ache in the back of my mind… Who was he? Why did I feel that way? Will I ever get the opportunity to find out?

    • Amanda

      Hi, i just met a guy on a dating site, I just fell in love at first sight, he says to me the same, we text each other i love you but we have met only twice, can’t stop thinking of him, just want to be with him, but really scared.Please advice what i should do.