Cage Match: Katy Perry vs. Dita Von Teese vs. Nicolas Cage

Styleite brings word of some kind of fake controversy sparked by Katy Perry’s recent cover of Vanity Fair. Apparently the shot (lensed by Annie Liebovitz) takes too much inspiration from Dita von Teese’s signature look. Which means only one thing.

Katy vs. Dita vs. Nicolas Cage:

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    • oja

      Dita strikes me as more confident and comfortable in her own skin, Katy always seems really insecure and desperate for approval. Dita is a classy, dignified sort of sexy, Katy just does what ever she has to to keep people looking at her. Katy also tries way to hard to play the part of the “sexy spit fire”, but I’m always really concious of the fact that she’s acting, everything she does has an awkward self concious, overcalculated feel to it, Dita doesn’t need to “act” confident and sensual because that actually is her personality. So, there’s no contest.
      …and Katy sounds like shit live, what you hear on the radio is all auto-tune.

      p.s. I also always hated the song “I Kissed a Girl” becuase she makes that very bold statment but then feels the need to, in the same breath, assure the listener that she had a boyfriend (because ofcorse she’s not a lesbian, that wouldn’t be sexy), and that she’s just experimenting (not a lesbian, not a lesbian, not a lesbian.) The song is basically her acting all bold and proud of the fact that she kissed a girl, while simultaniously making absoulutely sure that noone thinks she’s gay. It’s the song equivalent of two insecure drunk chicks makeing out at a frat party so the boys won’t ignore them.

    • Sam

      I usually skim long comments because they always seem self-serving but I have to agree with everything you said. Katy Perry seems really desperate and Dita, even though she’s a glorified stripped (and the first to say so) carries herself with this refined dignity. I kind of love DvT.

    • Goldie

      meh, The whole vampy pinup thing is a look a lot of pop stars try on for fun. Katy Perry has been working a couple of variations of it for a while.
      Even though Dita didn’t originate the look, she IS a vampy pinup in real life. So, not really a fair comparison IMO. apples v. oranges.

      What I did learn from this survey is that ALL CAPS pwns exclamation points. I will remember that the next time I want to have a commanding presence on teh internets.