• Mon, May 9 2011

Photoshop Of Horrors: Urban Outfitters Cares Not For Your Silly Physics

Apparently this Silence & Noise ikat dress will offer you more than just a breezy look for warm summer days, it’ll also give you the gift of flight. A closer look:

(photo via PSD)

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  • Lindsay Cross

    Maybe its an action shot. She was in the middle of falling on her ass. She has a bruised tailbone now and you’re making fun of her.

  • rose

    she’s on a hammock…

    • tara

      @rose: you have an interesting understanding of “on”

  • Mariana

    why the hell did they photoshop-remove the hammock from under her? wth?

  • Lola

    she has one hand on the ground && she’s holding onto the hammock with the other hand, duhhh -__________-