Red Carpet Rundown: D-Listers Vie For Attention At The Kentucky Derby

The Kentucky Derby (or “the Derb” as EIC Jennifer Wright likes to call it*) happened this weekend. Apart from a few tasteful day dresses and the following baby, the Derby’s red carpet was essentially a place for D-Listers to wear stupid hats in the vain hope that this Getty photograph won’t be their last. Why hello, Kate Gosselin.

Here is something I like that happened at the Kentucky Derby this weekend:

(Babies can wear all the silly hats they desire!)

And here is something that upset me:


So, here are the photos.

*Just kidding! No one likes to call it that!

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      • jordan

        WTF is this??

      • Ashley Cardiff

        @jordan: SPAM we should probably delete but can’t because Jen and I are too entertained by it.

    • Jennifer Wright

      You really captured the Derb in all its glory. Still glad I skipped out for a dog fight.

    • lizards first rule

      cardiff: you nailed it. practically everyone in the gallery looks clinging-to-fame desperate. gross.

    • Andrea

      I can’t tell Maria Menounever and Vanessa Minillo apart. Like, they’d have to wear name tags. Interestingly, they exist in the EXACT same universe of useless starfucker fameballs.

    • Stace

      So terrible! Why were any of them at the Kentucky Derby. Also, it saddens me to see Nikki Taylor go from 90s icon to the likes of nick lacheys rebound & people from reality shows