Poll: Sex Toys In Class, Yay Or Nay?

Remember that professor at Northwestern, who held a demonstration of a fucksaw in his human sexuality class?

According to HuffPo, the school has decided to officially cancel the class, after it hit the news and caused a national uproar.

So, uh, colleges shouldn’t expose students to new things? Classrooms should be censored by pubic opinion, even if all participants are consenting adults? And even when students knew what they were signing up for:

“The event was not a mandatory class meeting; rather, it was optional, and students were told what the display would consist of before choosing to attend.”

I call triple and quadruple bullshit. Way to cave, Northwestern. Way to cave.

For further information, here’s an account of what happened in the class written by one of the lecturers, who also happens to be the woman who owns the infamous fucksaw.

What do you think?

Sorry! This poll is now closed.

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    • B

      A) I could understand if the professor mentioned it in class and then told students to Google it if they were curious as to how it worked. A demonstration is probably not necessary. I can see how the Q&A session with the panel of swingers or the panel of sex offenders could be an educational opportunity that the students may not find elsewhere, but I’m sure they could find an out-of-class means of learning how this thing works.
      B) However, I think it’s stupid that the administration essentially said it was okay in a school paper article and then caved after it made national news.

    • Lyndsey

      In the article that the demonstrator who actually owned the saw wrote about what happened this doesn’t sound like it was that big of a deal. From the way she describes it the students were far away, her top was covered, they only saw minimal flashes of her bottom half, and they were given ample time to leave. They had not planned on demonstrating it and only did when a student requested it.

      Based on that description, I don’t find this whole situation to be a big deal. As a 21 year old Psychology student, this is something I could handle as an adult and I know that of my peers anyone who was uncomfortable with this would have left. A real class with an honest, open dialog about sex would be a phenomenal learning experience for a Psych student. My college’s human sexuality class was a joke in comparison, essentially basic sex-ed with no real discussion about what the topics meant in the real world. The real problem is not children being exposed to graphic material, it is college-age consenting adults being treated like children.

    • Elizabeth

      I’d hazard to say the “real” issue is people’s confusing vulgarity in an educational setting with “adultness.”

    • Danielle

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      I have to say it does provide an intense orgasm. Is it appropriate for a college sexuality class, NO!

    • http://kasiaphil.thumblogger.com Teen Kasia

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