Gallery: Shockingly Offensive Bathing Suits

To be honest, despite the controversy surrounding it, I didn’t find this Hindu Goddess bathing suit all that shocking, probably because I saw a tea towel that looked just like it in a flea market on Bleeker street last week every time I’ve ever been on Bleecker street.  But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t offensive bathing suits out there! Let’s take a gander at some of them.

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    • Goldie

      phew. you threw me for a second because that james dean swimsuit (and all the others on that site) is pimp as hell.

    • Rachel

      None of those bathing suits are “offensive”, just all horribly ugly. (Except maybe the push-up top for 7 year-olds, not offensive, but inappropriate to boot).

    • Ellen W.

      Theres some Photoshop of horrors going on in image #5. (Actually, it’s more like MSPaint of horrors.)

      • cathy

        LOL! I saw that too

    • Roxanne

      In my country India, it is VERY offensive.. Here is what the behind looks like..

      It has ‘Goddess Laxmi’ on the model’s butt..

      Laxmi is supposed to be the Goddess of wealth and happiness, and hence most Hindus find it very very offensive..