Bristol Palin Got Plastic Surgery For ‘Medical Reasons’

So. Bristol Palin recently became fucking unrecognizable. Tangentially, she has a new reality show coming out. But now she’s more healthy or something.

“Yes,” she admits, “It improved the way I look, but this surgery was necessary for medical reasons…so my jaw and teeth could properly realign…I don’t obsess over my face”

Still, “I am absolutely thrilled with the results,” she gushes. “I look older, more mature, and don’t have as much of a chubby little baby face!”

Here’s a more dramatic before and after:

In other news, Bristol Palin is full of shit.

(via US Weekly, HWood Reporter)

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    • Goldie

      Is it just me, or did she get some sort of eye lift too? It’s not just her chin/jaw. Something else is different…

      • Quin

        Her eyebrows are shaped differently, that might be it.

      • Melissa

        If you look at her nose she contoured it, so basically she ditched the fake bake tan look and went for better makeup that makes her face look thinner. It is pretty standard “hollywood” makeup look. Her hair is also in a much more flattering cut.

    • Dove

      It *could* just be the makeup… Some people have said the she also lost a bunch of weight, but I think the top comparison shows pretty clearly that she lost, at most, 5lbs. You just look quite a bit thinner when you get a chin.

    • MNiM

      You know, I’m going to take the controversial view that if someone asks you something that’s none of their business, it’s perfectly acceptable to lie.

      Lying as a form of privacy is perfectly okay with me.

      Could she have just said, “it’s none of your damn business”? Yes, and it would have been more honest. I’m sure it’s not news to anyone that some people aren’t comfortable with doing that because it feels like they’re saying “yes, I did” by default.

      What’s going on under someone’s clothes is their own business — what’s going on under their skin surely is too.

      Also: just because she’s a reality tv show participant does not mean she forfeits all right to privacy.

      Furthermore, as a recipient of a surgery that was both medically-necessary and cosmetically enhancing, I realize that a) that can happen and b) some people won’t believe you. Do I care? No, I totally felt self-conscious about how I looked (it was an ugly injury on top of everything else), and was glad to have it corrected. However, if I’d looked fine before the surgery, as Bristol Palin did, I might very well feel more self conscious about it, and worried that it would be taken as unseemly vanity.

      Also, I’m not an MD. I’m aware that people lie about “needing” cosmetic surgery (and again: totes okay with it), but I’m also aware that I wouldn’t be able to tell anyway, what with my humanities education and lack of x-ray vision.

    • Caro

      my problem with this is that SHES 20! i’m 20 years old and i could not imagine having cosmetic surgery…

      • melissa

        I had realignment surgery when I was only 17 after my braces came off… and this looks like a lot more then just that. All they do is break your jaw and put it back where it should of been. Looks like she also got lipo to her neck and jawline.

    • Jamie B

      This could be a legit reason. Also, she’s lost weight, which is drawing more attention to her jawline. Her makeup is different, as is the way she is “posing” her face nowadays. And so what if it was just a random cosmetic surgery? It’s not like everybody else who’s ever been on tv hasn’t done it.
      I’m happy for her, whether she did it or not, because generally this kind of thing doesn’t fit in with the whole right-wing bullshit, and maybe she’s escaping it. God knows she’s been repressed her entire life; I hope she can have her own life.

    • Lacey

      Just in time for that porn movie she is about due for!

    • TN

      “I don’t obsess over my face”

      Heh. I don’t obsess over her face either. :)

    • Natasha

      Wait, who is Bristol Palin? And why is she famous? Seriously….her & her fam (mom!) are just trailer park reality show trash…..
      needed for medical reasons my a**

    • lisa

      dude my jaw is totally f’d up from braces and and my teeth do not line up at all. no one ever suggested surgery just more braces. to which i said no thanks i will deal.

    • J.

      Whatever she had done, well–I want it.