Poll: Can Teased Hair Ever Look Good?

Or is it just one of those things doomed to make people talk about how you look like you stepped out of a Delorean and into 1986? It’s probably one of those things, honestly. But can it be done well? Will it seem cool 20 years from now? Think about it.

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    • Dove

      If you are Miss May 2011 and you are walking from hair & makeup to your photoshoot, then teased hair is okay.

    • Christina

      I tease my hair. Not to stupid extreme, obviously. But it’s the only way it’ll stay fluffy instead of lying flat against my skull. Blowdrying (even with the round brush), volume-maximising mousse – nothing works longer than 10 minutes. After that it goes flat again.

    • Eileen

      Not on Sarah Jessica Parker.

    • Futuralon

      It would be better on SJP if it didn’t emphasize the color difference between roots and ends. Generally speaking some volume at the crown is flattering on most people.

    • Carolyn

      Ditto everything Christina said. I tease my hair everyday too. I never make it stand an inch off my head or have it all going straight back like in that god awful picture of SJP… I tease it in about 3 rows, then let it fall into my natural part and it looks like a normal hairdo with a little bit of volume instead of super flat like it would be naturally.