Do Feather Extensions Look Good On Anyone?

As anyone who’s walked around a major metropolitan area lately knows, the popularity of feather extensions has been increasing at an alarming rate. Not unlike herpes, they’ve spread most virulently, until an estimated 25% of the nation’s adult population has been exposed. They don’t care if you’re a Goth, a reg, or even a celebrity; feather extensions (or, as I like to call them, “feh-stensions”) can affect anyone. It’s this very dispersion that makes them so dangerous, yet also so fascinating; what is it about pretending to be part bird that appeals to so many different types of people? In an effort to better understand this phenomenon, I’ve compiled feh-stension wearers of all stripes in hopes a pattern might emerge.

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    • LISA

      well said. putting feather in your hair is just plain stupid.

    • LISA

      feathers, sorry more than one is worse.

    • oja

      I don’t think they’re a problam if they’re the rigght color and it doesn’t seem like you’re wearing them just to make people think you’re wild and free spirited (it’s obvious when you’re trying to hard.)

    • Topf

      I like them in earrings though.

    • billie

      picture 8 is not a feather its a coontail her hair is dyed that way

    • Shin

      They looked good back when they weren’t the latest fad. I now only wear mammalian penis bones in my hair.