Kate Middleton: Gown Stealer

I like titles like that because they let me pretend I work at the Weekly World News. Which is great, because this is a story about how some lunatic lady is convinced that Kate Middleton copied her wedding dress – which she bought off the rack at Kleinfeld’s. 20 years ago. I know. It’s confusing. Here’s what she’s saying (and the Washington Post is running this story, because I guess Star felt like it was too much of a non-story, and yeah, WaPo is just where you go when that happens):

I was stunned. Kate was wearing an exact replica of the wedding dress I had worn — and I was about to celebrate my 20th anniversary! A dress I had picked up in 1991 at Kleinfeld’s in Brooklyn, off the rack and on sale (albeit in the high-end department).

I grabbed my wedding photos and showed them to anyone who would look. Yes, they gasped, it was the same lace bodice with the plunging neckline, the slight collar, the bustle in the back anchored by buttons. No, my lace hadn’t been specially designed for me, and my train was considerably shorter. But the cut and design were almost identical.

Okay, her dress was probably copied off Princess Grace’s, then. I kind of feel like this style of dress is just what a lot of long sleeved lacy wedding gowns look like. There aren’t an unlimited number of bridal styles out there, and I kind of feel like Sarah Burton hasn’t been hoarding a picture of a dress she saw at Kleinfeld’s for 20 years age in anticipation of designing for the royal wedding.

Though if she did, wow. Way to believe in yourself and see the future, Sarah Burton.

Maybe the title should have been Sarah Burton: Psychic.

Also, Batboy is on the lam again. – Styleite

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    • Kerry

      Similar…. the lace is a lot less intricate and the waist looks a lot lower though

    • http://bigapplepants.com sarahnoid

      Call the Waaaaaaaaaaahmbulance.

    • Dove

      Yeah the waist is very different – and really changes the look of the dress. Also the 90s dress seems to have more of a structured shoulder, though that could just be the angle. Of course they’re similar but I have to agree that’s just lace-bodice-wedding-dress-ness.

      That said, if that were my wedding dress I’d probably show everyone I knew too.

    • Anna

      Seriously, lady, the drop-waist. Different dress.

      That said, I’d show everyone I know, sure, but I wouldn’t bring it to the media. Come on.

    • G

      Comment from my so-straight-i-think-it-is-appropriate-to-call-things-gay friend: “I dunno, all wedding gowns look the same. White.”

      True dat.