How Do You Feel About Big Dicks?

Over at Jezebel, they’ve repurposed a post from The Good Men Project called “Why I Hate my Giant Dong.” In it, the author tells the story of how his enormous wiener has not always been the blessing many would imagine.

He notes, for instance, that his high school girlfriend was able to turn it into an embarrassment when her best friend brought up in the school cafeteria. And of course, there are the physical complaints, like the fact that condoms are uncomfortable and that an overly zealous thrust can cause — and I paraphrase — cervical bruising.

But more poignantly, the author speaks to the fact that getting too cocky about his johnson could lead, he fears, to him forgetting about the other things that make him a good poerson and turning him into a  guy who gleans much, if not all, of his self-worth from his dick.

Not a very sturdy peg on which to hang your hat in the long term, if you catch my drift.

Anyway, I think it’s a worthy point that he makes. After all, while he doesn’t have to contend with the worries of a smaller-dicked fellow, at the same time, what good does having a huge cock really do someone when it comes to relationships? Most women are content with an average size member, and really, in the long term, whoever the guy winds up with is probably not going to choose to settle down with him because of his sizable piece — although that will be a nice bonus for her — but because of who he is as a person. If that were to get lost along they way because he became so very taken with his own wang, he’d eventually come up short after all. (Ha.)

What do you think? How do you feel about big dicks?

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    • Eileen

      I prefer average-sized, actually. They’re just easier to accommodate.

    • Natalie

      Too big sucks, it hurts! I’ve never understood that whole “women love giant dicks” thing, maybe women who have lost a lot of elasticity over the years…

    • Kellie

      I couldn’t agree more. For instance, I love this guy so much just because of who he is and how he acts and presents himself and everything, but he is also PACKING. Don’t get me wrong, I love it, — It’s definitely a perk for me — but sometimes he can be REALLY cocky about his cock and it gets irritating. I’ve told him before that whatʻs in the pants is not everything to which he boldly replied, “youʻre right; itʻs BIGGER than everything!” He says heʻs just joking, but sometimes I wonder.

      I wish he would get his head out of his pants and realize that there are so many other wonderful things about him, but maybe heʻs just at that stage in his life where he thinks heʻs too hot to tot and likes stroking his own ego. By the way, we havenʻt even had sex yet, and itʻs been almost two years, but I donʻt mind at all. (:

    • matbo

      I love average size. Any bigger and I’d just feel a major pressure to be able to accomodate it. They call it average for a reason – it just fits most people.

    • Carolyn

      I prefer slightly bigger than average but not BIG… because that would just hurt. I also think girth is far more important than length.

    • Shae

      Being somewhat tiny, I’ve discovered that big is NOT better. Ow. Also…. ow. No one should make contact with my cervix but my gyno.

      Also, did anyone read that article on Jezebel, get to the part on his condom size, and question what the big deal is about being the guy with Magnum condoms? Because, dude – if your condoms don’t fit, you are running SO many risks.

    • Arnie

      Big hurts. And often it continues to hurt the next day, sometimes worse than cramps, if I ever feel the desire to do anything verging on exercise. Which is rarely, but still.

      Really, it doesn’t matter to me. I’m not with you because of the size of your cock, I’m with you because I think you’re a pretty awesome bloke.

    • sarahnoid

      Big? Bring it on.

      I’ve got some sort of fleadick magnetism that has been a huge vortex of disappointment.

      • Lauren

        This made my day. Well, the verbiage of it made my day, I apologize for laughing at your vortex of disappointment.

      • don julio

        where do you live?

    • Dove

      Definitely agree that bigger is not better. My husband’s is on the bigger side of average and if it were one millimeter longer I wouldn’t be happy.

    • macalny

      What I’ve found about guys with big dicks is that they seem to think that their dick automatically makes them awesome in bed. And yet they have NO idea what to do with it, with their mouth or hands or, worse, with me. They pound away and/or lie there and expect to be serviced (maybe the influence of porn?). LAME. I know this is a gross generalization, but certainly the dudes with the big dicks I’ve slept with have been, FAR AND AWAY, the worst lovers. They haven’t a clue that I am more than a hole. Sex with them sucked, big time.

    • veronica higgenbottom

      Darling boyfriend is definitely on the MUCH larger side. This can be great, but it requires lots of foreplay. Just jumping into it equals serious pain. So sex for us typically (is this TMI? Ah, this whole post is TMI) long (hehe) and punctuated with cuddle breaks. If it goes on too long, or we get a little overzealous, I feel like I need to sit on a pillow for about a day after. All that said, it’s fucking awesome in general.

      I hear what you guys who complain about guys with big dicks are saying, although I would posit it’s more of a big ego than a big dick thing. While one may cause the other, a guy who is sensitive, caring, and not full of himself will ALWAYS make sure he pleases you, regardless of wang size.

      PS–One final note: I have dated men of all shapes and sizes, and now would seem the time to debunk a myth: hands, feet, and body size are not the only markers of a big dick. My BF is only 5’9″, built like a skinny rocker dude, and has very small hands and feet–like, I’m 5’5″ and petite, and we share gloves and socks.

    • Lauren

      I’m going to agree with most of the women who had commented here (so far) and say big is not better. I had sex with one guy that was so big that I had to make him stop because it hurt so much. Good thing that was a one time only deal or I would either be very sexually frustrated or extremely disfigured if it were a relationship. I’m a small girl, so I like them average sized.

      • ciarin

        I like sucking on a big dick but intercourse ,average is the best.

    • Kait

      I’m currently “seeing” a guy with a nice sized package, and he was very gentle with it first time around. As in, he knew his size could cause some discomfort when he stuck his p in my v, but he wasn’t adding a precursor to sex like, “Listen, just want to let you know upfront, I have a huge dong.”

      After our second time I told him that he has a “substantially sized penis” and he kind of laughed it off, so he isn’t arrogant about it, but I have to say, it feels quite nice. Maybe he’s not as big as I think?

    • Aaron

      Skinny guys tend to be better equipped; men’s bodies put fat over the mons pubis as well, which means around the shaft of the penis, which means that depending on how you shed weight you can gain something like an inch per thirty pounds or so that you lose. The largest penis I’ve ever seen in the flesh belonged to a guy who was five-foot-nothing and maybe a hundred pounds soaking wet.

      The whole thing about women and big cocks is a myth maintained by the faith of straight men, who find it preferable to recognizing that the people who care most about big cocks tend to be straight men, who aren’t interested in considering the mechanics and therefore don’t realize the practical problems involved in sex when sex involves a giant cock. I suspect it’s one of those primate-brain things, but who knows?

      • ciarin

        Gay men can have really big juicy dicks.

    • colbert

      Larger is perhaps just a visual turn on; but if the guy is a lug it gets old to look at.