Poll: Are You A Nerd?

Not long ago, Jennifer posited that hot women are nerding it up just a tad too emphatically these days. They needn’t insist on their nerdliness, she noted — we, the rest of the women in the world, don’t want or need to be won over by how much they can relate to us.

I though of her post when I saw this, an article at Glamour about so-called nerd love. Nerd love, they say, happens “when two people who are obsessive about esoteric knowledge meet, fall in love, and compare their relationship to a stable ion because they are (see above) huge nerds.”

They go on to profile a couple in which the male half built some big homage to the Simpsons, and the female half encouraged him onward. That’s pretty nerdy, although it’s not clear where the nerd love part comes in, since it appears that all his wife did was encourage him to finish.

Anyway, all this talk about nerds is making me wonder, are Gloss readers nerds? Or are you not?

P.S. A google search for images using the phrase “nerd girl” reveals that the only qualification required is wearing glasses. I trust that most of you, then, will answer yes.

Sorry! This poll is now closed.

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    • Bentia

      I don’t see why one can’t be a girly girl and a nerd. I can like Proust and Prada.

      • Zimmm

        Exactly! I get loads of fashion magazines and work at NASA, that just makes me a PERSON with diverse interests and hobbies..

    • matbo

      I used to try to prove myself as a nerd. Then I discovered I preferred designing and composing shapes to programming. I am now a non-nerd in a nerd disguise. I have not watched star wars dammit! But alas, in my environment, saying that would equal social suicide.

      • woo

        I feel the same as you. I work in an incredibly nerdy area, and my thinking processes and social styles are nerdy, but my cultural interests are not nerdy at all. I think nerdy should focus more on intellect and strength of character as opposed to whether you like a certain show.

        Nerds have terrible social skills as well as liking certain pop culture!!!

    • Emily

      Nerd love: confessing to your fiance your secret, life-long crush on Captain Kirk and him responding: “That is so cool! Want to watch Star Trek all weekend?”

      Yes, yes. A million times yes!

    • Shae

      ….my first crush wasn’t Han Solo. Noooo….. And he wasn’t closely followed by Dr. McCoy.


    • Arnie

      Is my nerd status void if I don’t wear glasses?

      What I lack in the eyesight department, I make up for in my ability to host epic Dr. Who marathons. So far there have been five.

    • Dove

      I’m part girly-girl, part tomboy, and part nerd. My nerdiness is based in the fact that I loooove sci fi, books and movies. I also am a ridiculous Whedon fangirl. And I’m very into graphic novels. So, pretty nerdy.

    • Natha

      My boyfriend said I was his 42, and I cried tears of happiness. Yup, nerd girl.

      • Zimmm

        That is way cute. :-)

    • anonymous

      I’m the current generation of nerd who’s into video games. Yep, no Star Wars or Star Trek or whatever, too ancient for me. I grew up in Asia which means Asian manga and anime made up my whole childhood. Although not so into manga like before, I do still follow some trends. Anyhow, video games are definitely the big love! Guys hover around me when ever I enter Gamestop and look at the horror survival games.