Gallery: Fashions For Crazy Cat Ladies

Jennifer’s post about cat wedding rings and my own about mind controlled cat ears got me thinking: what other items should a crazy cat lady such as myself covet? One might think cat ladies don’t care about clothing and accessories, what with our fur-covered sweatshirts and fat-accommodating stretch pants; one would be wrong. As it turns out, the Internet offers a plethora of fine fashions for the feline-inclined among us. Come along with me on a wonderful, litter strewn journey.

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    • MNiM

      But no link to where the shoes may be obtained?

      • Jamie Peck

        The cat pumps are by Kobi Levi. As far as I can tell, they’re not currently for sale. :(

    • MNiM

      Well, drat. But thank you!

    • Lisa

      I approve of “catrimony”.

    • Alley

      I have so many cat related shirts purchased from lolmart at I can’t live without kitteh shirts!! Funny kitteh shirts!

    • M

      Right now I’m wearing my cat-print muumuu. It is absolutely terrible-looking, and also obnoxiously comfortable.

    • AOKO NY

      Cat ladies, you mustn’t forget to accessorize! AOKO NY ‘Kitty Come With Me’ Ring, $15!