Would You Do A Bikini Flashmob?

Over the weekend, I was out shopping at The Grove, an outdoor mall that looks disturbingly like Disneyland due to its suspicious squeaky-cleanness and over-the-top, big, round shiny decor. After you shop there a few times you get used to it, but you never quite shake the feeling that you’re willingly buying into a fantasy of what the world looks like on an average Saturday afternoon.

Well, if that fantasy needed a little injection of the adult variety, it got it on Saturday. As I was perusing the racks at Michael Kors, I heard a bit of a commotion outside. Eventually, the words “they’re taking their clothes off!” floated into the store, and…well, you can’t just ignore that.

I went outside, and on a big patch of lawn that’s usually reserved for frolicking children, a herd of young folk had stripped down to bikinis or board shorts and begun dancing. It was a flash mob — a mostly naked flash mob.

This is how my thoughts progressed as I watched.

“Wow, they’re young.”

“Huh, some of them are pretty jiggly — that really takes confidence.”

“They don’t seem to care that they’re jiggly.”

“They must have known that they would be jiggly, because they are busting a pretty hard move.”

“How can you just get out there like that, and be jiggly, and still be having so much fun?!”

“Would I do that?”


“I’m so boring and inhibited.”

“I’m going to the GAP.”

Anyway, as it turns out the video of the event is going a bit viral. Here it is, for your viewing pleasure, and I ask you: would you do this?

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    • Anna

      You use the word “jiggly” like it’s a bad thing.

      • Jessica Pauline Ogilvie

        No, it wasn’t intended to be a bad thing. I was actually wildly impressed.

    • Chloe

      Agree with Anna. Not to mention…no one there was even over a size four or six. They all look fantastic and real.

    • Arnie

      I’ve actually participated in something like that. Except I was wearing a few more clothes, and it was S-Club7.

      They all look fantastic, though. It’s good to see people with real bodies (although, they don’t seem very jiggly to me) out there, rather than tanned sticks.

    • Corissia

      The girls all looked pretty fit to me, some of the guys were a little less (Or maybe it was just one, the camera kept moving on me) , but every body looked healthy. It looks like fun, I’d like to join something like this, but I’d have to know there’d be at least one other who looked more like me in order to feel comfortable doing so.