Friday Style Icon: Samantha Parkington, American Girl Doll

We have American Girl dolls on the brain lately. If you were lucky enough as a kid to get stupidly expensive dolls, you were probably given the one with hair corresponding to your own. I was blonde so I got Kirsten Larson, whose life as a Swedish immigrant in harsh rurual Minnesota was kind of a bummer. One day, I figured it would cheer her up if she knew how to skateboard and an afternoon of lessons resulted in her disfigurement, which goes to show you should never help anyone ever. Anyway, even if we had Felicity or Molly or whatever, we all knew rich girl Samantha had the best clothes. Here’s to Samantha.

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    • Sara F

      Am I the only one that modeled her entire childhood after the life of Samantha Parkington? In addition to matching dresses, nightgowns, and even bloomers, my doll and I shared all kinds of wonderful accessories and pastimes. We wore rosebud circlets and lacy pinafores to tea parties at the Biltmore. We donned Bertha collar starched white dresses and parasols to make button boxes at Montgomery Place. When school began, I was surprised that we were the only ones carrying the Baldwin Primer in our book straps and brass tea tins containing watercress sandwiches wrapped in embroidered napkins. Ah, to be a young Victorian again!

    • Cheryl

      You’re not the only one Sara – my youngest daughter had everything Samantha too!

    • merlin

      samantha was the doll of choice for rich bitches. molly 4 lyfe.

    • tonya

      im like the idea for one im a 40 year old woman with a size 3 foot thank you sketchers. And if it gives our kids incentive to get up and move and be active tthen this is a good thing.

    • holly

      Heck No Pedro! Molly is the cheese and crackers…come on lets see a molly wardrobe people!