• Fri, May 13 2011

Real Talk: Ladies Share Their Thoughts On Big Dongs

Over at Jezebel, a big donged gentleman has a post bemoaning the difficulties that go along with having a large penis. It’s called “Why I Hate My Giant Dong.” But do the ladies also hate giant dongs? Let’s find out!

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  • Britt

    AH! A gchat box! ahahahaha I’ve experienced light-day tampon-size, but that gchat box equation from Dorothy really just killed me.

  • eelizg23

    Hmm, I’ve really only been with one man who certifiably actually needed the Magnums, and some positions I just had to stop him. Can’t stand the banging against my cervix! And I don’t think he particularly enjoyed pounding up on the little wiry string from my IUD. But the GIRTH is where it’s at. Every once since him, I’ve found myself a little disappointed in the girth.

  • Lindsey

    Dude in picture 1 totally has an Ood penis!

    • John

      You are my hero.

    • Lindsey

      *doffs her fez*

  • Christina

    In an ideal world I’d prefer a slightly larger than average member. But at the end of the day, I don’t really care, as long as it’s healthy and hard.

  • Emily

    That was hilarious!

    I think I’ve been very lucky in some aspects, but not others… My doctor happily told me that I have a ‘long’ vagina (sounds so weird) on account of my height. And for me to enjoy sex, he needs to have a big penis. Fortunately, I tend to date taller, stronger guys, and they are usually all in proportion.

    The only downside of that is now I think under 6 or so is small =S

    One thing though; a lot of the posts were saying that a lot of guys with big penises are lazy, but I haven’t found that to be the norm. One guy I was with was HUGE, but did everything to please me beforehand, partly because I had to be turned on to ‘accommodate’ him. It might have still been a bit selfish on his part, but it’s much better when we’re both enjoying it.

  • JBlitzzz

    I think the next article should cover width..

  • Renae

    I like them bigger, like 7+. I’m actually into pain, so getting my cervix bumped feels good to me. Plus I like to feel “filled up” and I had this one boyfriend who could make my stomach do “flips” like on a roller coaster. And getting a big/thick one in is exhilarating.

  • G

    Hmm, interesting. My ex was over 10 inches and super thick. I know you’d think itd be painful cuz I’m actually pretty tiny but deep. It’s true it took some getting used to but it actually is pretty damn awesome. I’m pretty elastic so if went a month without doing it itd take like 10 minutes to get it in and get going. I dunno, a lot of it is mental, and he was actually pretty rare i guess cuz he didn’t expect his dick to do everything for him and was super giving in bed…..wait why’d we break up again???

  • Rompnstomp

    I’ve experienced very long, and one that was average in length, but VERY thick. That was not to my liking.

    The best was my husband who was average, but didn’t lose his erection after ejaculating. He could go for 2 hrs, having up to 4 orgasms. Unfortunately, he had a violent, abusive nature. I left him. I’m quite happy with an average but great guy.

  • Jackie

    Well, sometimes I think it’s not the size but the guy who has it. I’ve dated different size guys, and I can tell you I had one who was bigger than the average and it was ok, but after him I dated a guy who was really smaller than average and sex with him was great. I guess it was because he knew how to please me and, well it was not only great, it was amazing!!

  • breezy

    I am so glad I’m not the only one who has no interest in monstrous dicks! Most of my closest friends are size queens and were thus very envious of my brief relationship with a guy we referred to as Horsecock Johnson. He hurt my tiny giny, and was also a douche. I am much happier now with thick-width-average-length husband’s penis (and the wonderful man attached to that penis.)

  • Patrick

    It’s good to know that some women don’t like huge tools. I have always been a bit self-conscious of mine. When I was younger (teenager) I measured 8 inches. But now for sum reason I only measure 5.5-6…I’m not exactly sure why, but I use what I’ve got.

  • Janet

    Women who say size matters have big vaginas.

    • Ashley

      Janet: “Women who say size matters have big vaginas.”

      You’re definitely a man posing as a woman. And you probably have a small little weiner and are insecure about it.

      Even women of limited experience with recently devirginized vaginas want a nicely endowed man. This doesn’t necessarily mean porn star huge but no woman wants a little sausage. It’s difficult to hit the G spot with a small meatstick.

  • cindy

    The article doesn’t say how big he is. My hubby has ruined me. He is huge. (If he sits down on a regular toilet, it lays in the water.) I have gotten used to it and he has learned to be gentle but my vagina will never be small ever again. I wish he was smaller.

  • Steph

    Width is where it’s at for me…the wider the guy, the easier it is to stimulate the G spot. I don’t like having my cervix bumped at all, so if a guy is longer than average (like my bf), we need a lot of lube!

  • tony

    I think women that are open and honest about preferring and wanting big are sexy.

  • Stephanie Stevens

    I prefer with rather than length, I like the pressue of the thickness of a males penis, but I don’t like it poking at my uterus. A lot of women like really big penis and a lot of women like average, I like to enjoy sex, not be tortured. My vagina is small and it can’t take to much entry anyway. The smaller the better.