Poll: Would You Try Rainbow Hair?

Or do you risk looking too much like a cartoon character? Though who says that’s a bad thing? Not cartoon characters, that’s for sure.

Sorry! This poll is now closed.

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    • Lisa

      I love this picture! If only the hair would definitely come out looking like that!

    • Melissa

      The picture just looks like fancy clown hair. I’m terrified to see how her face is painted.

    • Renae

      I have wanted to do this since high school.

    • Jessica Pauline Ogilvie

      Why is that so pretty?? It’s mesmerizing.

    • Christina

      It looks lovely, but I’m too lazy to try it. Imagine the work it’d take to keep it pretty! You’d have to go to a salon every 2 weeks to have it dyed. And I work in customer service where this looks wouldn’t go over well.

    • matbo

      If I were young and carefree trekking through nepal? Sign me up!
      Trying to be taken seriously in a job with strict dress codes? Damn. Why doesn’t the real world allow for fun?

    • Arnie

      I want it. So hard.

      My hair is too dark to not do it permanently, though. I work with kids, so it’s justifiable?
      Or does that mean I’m supposed to be mature?

    • Cory

      I totally feel the urge to dye my hair weird colours sometimes– hell, I’m currently in the process of getting my hair from dark brown to silver– and I don’t care what colours other people dye their hair. But just like with “obscene” piercings or tattoos, there’s that risk of negative consequences in the work place. Even if your job allows you to do things like this, it can still make some shoppers (like the elderly or very conservative) not want to shop there anymore because they’re afraid of or uncomfortable with it. I’m of the persuasion that people should try to stick to natural or “natural” colours– natural being the blondes, natural reds, browns, and blacks, and “natural” being colours like burgundy, blue-black, silver or white. You know, colours that are close enough to a natural (burgundy, blue-black) or that naturally occur with age (silver, white). I wouldn’t dye my hair rainbow, not because I wouldn’t want to, because it would be cool as hell, but because it could have negative consequences.

    • Camila

      This is amaziiing! but i would never have the balls to do it!
      Again, its very beautiful, and fun, and different.. I want to go to there!

    • miinxi

      agreed. i would do it if my hair looked like the above pic! and lasted only for the time i want it too..

    • starlise s

      lms if you think nicki manaj will hhave dis due by next month lol

    • Ami Waipe

      i love this hair and if i could then i would make it like that any day!

      • Olivia


      • Hannah

        You do realise you can get hair chalk to do this temporarily?

    • Olivia

      Where could i get my hair like this for the end of the year