The Most Absurdly Expensive Things Carrie Bradshaw Bought

You know what I found puzzling about Sex and the City? A lot. But one of the things I found most bizarre was when Carrie gets so giddy she faints because someone bought her an Oscar de la Renta dress. Because didn’t she essentially buy an Oscar de la Renta dress herself for every episode? The Frenemy has already calculated how hugely in debt Carrie would be, we take a look at some of her most absurdly expensive purchases.

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    • anna

      Oh man, those are some seriously heinous slides she is wearing with the fur coat.

    • @Tobi_is_Fab

      Good question. I’m a writer and I definitely can’t afford all of those things on my own. I definitely couldn’t back when I was a teacher either.

      Having said that, this is one of those mysteries of TV/movie-land. I think there was a similar articles or something once upon a time about Friends. It was when the show had yet to reveal Chandler’s occupation, and a lot of viewers were wondering how they all could afford rent in NYC. I think Rachel was a waitress at the time, Joey couldn’t get acting jobs and a few others were looking for jobs, etc.

    • missy

      the shoes in slide 3 are AWFUL.

    • Geno

      While this is an entertaining slideshow, I have to disagree with the fur coat. Pat Fields bought the coat for just a few hundred dollars (granted, it was a lucky discounted buy), but if she could find it, why couldn’t Carrie have found it at a thrift store for a similar price? The way she drops dollars for shoes she knows she can’t afford indicates that she probably would suffer through an empty wallet for a good buy like that.

    • Lemona

      Wouldn’t it have been a better show if, instead of buying designer items at (we assume) designer prices, we saw Carrie create fabulous style from bargain shopping and ingenuity (and by ingenuity I don’t mean $500 shoes + a tutu) ? That would be what it really means to be obsessed with style and trying to scrape together a living in a big city. Or have I just seen one too many TJ Max commercials?

    • jpoo

      WRONG! Carrie’s fur was a $200 investment from the costume department. Yup, stinky used fur coat made of raccoon. lol, definitely now the $4k they are describing above!

      • jpoo

        Correction: definitely *not* the $4k they are describing above!