Pippa Middleton’s Butt Inspires Rash Of Plastic Surgeries

Hey there, you with the weak-ass ass! Don’t you wish your hindquarters were as powerful as those of Pippa Middleton, fun loving socialite and sister to Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge? In just a few short weeks, her royal-by-association pooper has launched countless Pilates regimens and one bona fide act of vandalism. As if that weren’t enough, now The Daily Star reports that women all over the U.K. are having their behinds surgically altered to look more like hers.

Via the Star:

“Since last month’s Royal Wedding, cosmetic surgeons have reported a 60% increase in bookings for bottom-lifting treatments. And one leading cosmetic clinic has even nicknamed the surgery The Pip Package Perfect Posterior, which can cost up £8,000, depending on treatments.

Lesley Khan of London’s Harley Street Skin Clinic said: ‘We are now seeing scores of female clients seeking the perfect bottom. A few years back everyone one wanted the Jennifer Lopez look but now everyone asks for a bottom like Pippa’s – curvy but not too peachy.’”

A few things:

1.) What the hell is “peachy” supposed to mean in this context? A preliminary search of various slang dictionaries reveals only what I know already: “peachy” generally means “good.” But “curvy but not too good” wouldn’t make any sense here, so I’m going to assume she means peach-like, as in resembling the actual fruit. Asses shaped like peaches are wonderful asses, so what gives?

2.) The article talks about a shift in ass trends from Jennifer Lopez to Pippa, but I’m not sure it’s even physically possible for someone with a body type similar to Pippa’s to get the J-Lo look, or vice versa. There are limits to what science can do!

3.) English standards for what constitutes “curvy” sure are different than they are here, where “curvy” is generally a euphemism for “significantly fatter than a model.” Then again, I’ve heard it applied to similarly absurd examples here.

4.) When I GIS’ed “Pippa Middleton’s butt,” the first things that popped up were farting fetish websites. Did you know that there are farting fetish websites? Now you do.

5.) I put “butt” and “rash” very close together on purpose in the headline of this post, because I am gross.

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    • Celia

      Good lord! I mean, it’s a trim bottom, but it’s not awe-inspiring!

      Love Pippa, but I don’t get what all the fuss is about.

    • Eileen

      In Pippa’s case, “curvy” apparently means “something with curves.” I’m team English here.

    • maria

      I’m sorry, I must be missing something, but I’m not impressed by Pippa’s behind…in fact I have a hard time figuring out how she can be classified as curvy. Then again I’ve naturally got a JLo…so maybe I’m bias.

    • Sarah

      The take-away from all this is, that a well-cut dress can do magical things for a plain-vanilla female form. Look at the cute row of buttons, no pun intended, all curvey along the back of the dress! Sweet!

    • ceebee

      This story appeared in the Daily Star, ergo it’s complete horseshit. All the paper runs is stories about big tits (and the occasional arse) and football.

    • Honey Blossom in Texas

      This is the first i have heard of her and don’t get me wrong, she looks like an attractive girl, but her rear, body shape and looks are not at all extrordinary. Did i miss something? I am starting to think maybe she just has a very good PR person, so good for her.

    • Kim

      “5.) I put “butt” and “rash” very close together on purpose in the headline of this post, because I am gross.”

      Got a chuckle out of that ,Jamie Peck.

    • Dre

      I don’t understand all the chatter about her “butt”. What butt? Seriously, I give credit where credit is due, and this girl deserves nothing. She has absolutely no butt, I’m a white girl and I can recognize this…

    • ryn

      OMG! what butt are u talking about?? ha,haaa when i read the headline and saw the pics i actually thought the writer is advising her to go for a butt surgery lol

    • Jonny

      I must agree with all the comments so far and say, What ass? Sorry string beans don’t do it for me, or anyone I know for that matter. I’ll take a moderately “plus size” like a -10-12 over a size O-8 any day. For goodness sakes she may be pretty but from the back she looks like a 10 year old boy not a real woman

      • Lee

        The average american woman is a size 14 and weighs over 150 pounds..I would not consider a 10-12 plus sized..But its nice that some people appreciate a woman with curves..I think Pippa looks great though too..Peace!!

      • valerie

        I would love to be a moderately plus-size 10 – 12, but unfortunately plus-size starts at 18 – 20. I am slowly gaining the lower numbers and am thrilled and yes, it is nice to know that some people do appreciate “girl” curves as thankfully I am not losing those!!!

    • Carmen

      WHAT BUTT??? Haha…. her butt looks like its part of her back!!!

    • Dora Glasberg

      Who comes up with these stupid ‘ideas’ for articles.
      100% fiction.

    • Jane

      Could we please get past the Royal Wedding and all the other media
      maniac frenzy.

      Is this all there is to write about ”GET OVER THIS ALREADY”

    • Carolyn

      I thought Pippa looked absolutley stunning in that dress.

    • Dani

      She doesn’t have much which is why the whole thing is so great. After hearing praises about a rash of women who look like centaurs (Serena Williams, Nicki Minaj, Kim Kardashian, etc), it’s refreshing to see a girl with more modest and frankly better looking proportions.

    • Kyle

      What ASS ? PLEASE DONT TELL ME THE MEDIA IS trying to start an anorexic trend again I thought we got past that.

    • Catherine

      She’s not that attractive, let alone she has a washboard ass. J-Lo any day.



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    • Beth

      Pippa has “HIPS”…NOT a Butt! There is a difference!!!

    • Jiboko

      Some doctors thank Pippa for women coming to them with money and money. I do not see any special hips or buttocks.
      I was impressed with soft and elegant dress.

    • Emily

      Too many people been looking for fat arses. Thats my explanation for the naysayers among us.

    • Levine

      First. Pippa has nothing but business people who are trying to make money off ther, puching her Why? Where is any beautfy or Class in Pippa? Her name is an “actor name.” Yes, she had the surgery for her butt;breast, enlarged ‘cuz she, unlike her sister, Kate, had no natural beauty; hips were old enough requiriing being lifted and fat injected at intervals because all her fat keeps going right back to her stomach, face and ankles. She had two plastic surgeries on her face, Liposuction to remove fat from her stomach to her legs, arms, andles and face;d her friend who is a friend of Prince Williams’ into buying her both a brand new sun bed and a mystic tanning booth. Thus far, I know this to be a fact because I’m the RN where she had the above done. I don’t know all the other surgeries. I do know she curses and is not lady like her sister. Pippa (her agents named her) had the perfect TIME to make her multi millions of dallars; so, she comes to two of our
      M.D.’s after her first couple of Plastic Surgeons were not sucking it out where she truly was still obese, no real boobs then as she wnted larger thn her first plastic surgeon group could give her; so, after her breasts were not large enough fo her to become famous; she came to our group of Plastic Surgeons for saying” Suck it all out here and put it extremely large here. I’m going to make big money doing what I love to do?…meaning be the center of the stage
      as she tried her very best in every way to become “a Big Star” as soon as possible, and these buzzard agents and parents of hers wanted it for her as much as she still wants to become Barbara Syreisand with no voice. She, like Kim Kardashian’s Before and After Pictures far surpass Michael Jackson’s
      metamorphasis! She is a SLUT like KIM KARDASHIAN WHO WANTS MONEY, FAME AND FORTURE OFF THEIR PLASTIC SURGEON’S JOBS. OH, Kim’s before picture and her todsay’s pictures are that no one ever gets enough plastic surgery, money, power or attention to give them true happiness. I’ll take my girlfriend ‘s real and true heart and soul with the glow to the outsidvve any day over all this fake plastic and great surgeons coming fully equipped with Mysic Daily Tanning booths for her spray fake daily tans over this bag of plastic any day of the week, time or year over the no
      talented Pippa Middleton Heading straight to become Kim Kardashian’s junk
      yard filled with more plastic than she makes in one half year with her spent surgeries. These two girls specifitally require lots of MONEY, FAME POWER AND IT HAS gotten for Kim Kardashian with her more plastic surgery jobs getting multiple areas changed in one surgery than most truyl indiviuals with a heart that glows to the outside. How stupid can we , the people be to follow these no-talent whatsoever lare plastice surgeries>>c’mo

      • GIA

        You should learn to spell before writing a long,stupid paragraph full of lies .
        How do you sleep at night?
        Wait! Don’t answer!
        Anyone who can write that, sleeps well as you most likely are on medication or in an institution.LOL!
        Loopty Doo!

      • jes

        Levine- I find it hard to believe that an RN would be so callous and heartless. For someone who supposedly spends their days caring for the sick- you sure are a jerk.

    • Linda Steininger

      I wish there were before pix to compare. I am overweight but have no butt, to speak of, and smaller hips. I was disappointed, thinking I would see somebody who had themselves made bigger!!! LOL

    • Bud

      She has a beautiful shape