Poll: Do You Like Your Body?

We’ve been getting a lot of submissions for The Hunger Games, including one today from someone who hates their body. I just wanted to check in to see about how we’re feeling about our bodies in general. Here is a poll:

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    • Trish

      The smallest percentage being the idea of “Love of Body”. This is unacceptable. Everyone should adore their bodies…

    • Baker Girl

      I think that Trish is right but … no mater what there is somthing that people want “change.” Whats important is that it should be for themselves and no one else, I would like to be a bit more toned for MYSELF. (My bf thinks I look great the way I am.)

    • Katie

      I’d feel great about my body, if not or the bit of genetic cruelty stuck to my thighs. What I wouldn’t do to give my cellulite away… Regardless of how thin I am, it’s still stuck there.

    • Jamie B

      I definitely have some areas that I wish were smoother or smaller. But mostly, I wish that people were not so quick to judge. Yeah, I’m on the fat side. I’ll own that. But it’s not my fault. I’ve had more bloodwork than I can remember in the last 6 months, trying to figure out why my body doesn’t want to work. I’m fat and it’s not my fault, but try to tell that to other people. I could be happy in my skin if I weren’t being judged every minute I spend in public.

    • Amanda

      I love my body! A few years ago I had an eating disorder, and five years after recovering I can finally say that. I have my bad days, too, but I see my relationship with my body as the one with a hypothetical kid; even when it’s annoying and doesn’t do what you want, you don’t stop loving it, because it’s yours and that’s what matters in the end.

    • Arnie

      My body is freakin’ awesome!
      I mean, sure, I could have bits that are a little less squishy, a few more muscles, lose funny ankles and maybe a bra size to save on the shopping difficulties, but then it wouldn’t be mine. If my body was absolutely flawless, it would be boring.

      I like having the funny looking ankles. Maybe less so the inability to find bras the right size (seriously, people with bigger boobs can still have smallish frames!), but all those little things that aren’t quite perfect are what make me, me, and not some other person. The birthmarks, the scars, the moles in funny places, the knobbly elbows that I absolutely hated as a kid. I’d feel strange without them.

    • Patricia

      once more, I know it’s not the usual thing to say, but I love my body. I almost never get sick, I went through a dramatic natural (not by choice, hence the dramatic) labor and was walking and carrying my kid a few hours later, I don’t bruise easily, I am freakishly strong, I can jog and exercise for considerable lenghts of time, I am flexible, I tan easy. Yeap, my tummy got squishy after the pregnancy and my arms may never be as toned as before, but whatever, I still love it. Yeap, I’m short, but it suits me. My feet are ridiculously small; so I get great shoes on sale. I’m healthy, happy, and I love that my body has never EVER failed me, even back when I was 18, straining myself with excessive physical activity and eating only half a salad. It still found a way to keep me going and somehow not breaking down.

      So yeap, f*** the gospel; I wouldn’t change a thing about it.

    • Heather

      I love my body. I look more athletic than I am, I have a pretty face (which is attached to my body), a perfect butt, perky boobs (that I thought I would never get because I was a late bloomer)…I could go on. To complain about my body would be wrong; I feel blessed and hope that other people, men and women, can be grateful for what they have. More importantly, we need to treat our bodies well; they’re the only ones we’ve got!

    • G

      I like it MORE when its in shape athletically. But even if it’s a bit soft I’ve been blessed with a nice size 4-6 hour glass shape so I can’t complain.

    • B

      i work out twice a day every day and i still hate my body.
      its not a hate that i hate though, if that makes sense.
      its like a mutual agreement between my body and my mind that says ‘you will never be good enough’ and i’ve accepted that, in fact i’ve embraced it.
      it pushes me that much faster when i run & gives me that extra burst of energy i need to lift a heavier weight.
      sometimes hate can be healthy, at least thats the way i like to look at it.

    • Natha

      My body is really nice, mainly because I can eat anything without putting on weight. I rather lose weight too quickly.
      Well, my legs are too short, or that’s at least what the fashion industry wants me to believe. And I can’t get a tan ever, but that’s okay because it makes me stand out.
      Guess what I hate? My hair and my voice. They ruin everything.