This Is What A Nude 58-Year-Old Woman Looks Like

In this month’s issue of More magazine, Patti Davis (daughter of Ronald Reagan) strips down and is photographed nude, at age 58, for the second time in her life. The first was with Playboy when she was 42, well before the term “cougar” had been coined, and she was a stone-cold fox.

And as evidenced by this picture, she still is. Davis writes in the magazine of her relationship with her body, which has been through hell and back after over a decade spent addicted to drugs and many more years trying to restore herself to health:

I’ve learned to stand in front of the mirror and look at the strength reflected there—the hours of training, the miles of running, the years of distance between the strong woman I am now and the wasted girl I once was.

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    • weddingdress
    • lolrus

      Photoshopped as always ((( They usually do it nowadays everywhere. I don’t think this picture has missed this procedure.

    • weavermomo

      Like any picture in the media is believable….as always everthing is altered to make a point.

    • Kathleen

      I can believe the general shape, but I cannot believe the smoothness.

    • Charlie

      I am a 60 year women, a mother of 2, and a fitness coach. I have worked out for years and helped others. In those years I have seen some amazing bobies, and alot of them was due to gene. Now we all know the parent’s of this women and her mother was a very pettie person. Like Jane fonda and her workout tapes and never had a weight problem in her life. So for all who may look at this photo don”t hate, just love the body that you have work on it live in it. Ps. money may have also had something to do with.

    • caroline symthe

      i work in aged care and believe it or not i have seen women in there 90″s with bodies like this…..

      • Chris

        No you haven’t

      • August

        Sounds like subject matter for another “Calendar Girls”. I would love to see it. I had a 58yo girlfriend whose skin is like this, except on her face and neck where the sun has damaged it.

      • Mr Perfect

        It is unfortunate that so many want to post to places like here but nobody takes the time for spell check or think about the amount of sense that their grammar delivers.

      • Apoptotic

        Including you, “Mr. Perfect”.

    • CP

      Would like to see a raw image, with no body makeup, no Photoshopping, etc. You know…something genuine. All power to her for the change she made in her life, that is real. Now how about a real picture?

    • Cat

      I agree that she has a nice body, but if you look closely you can see the photoshop lines. Especially in her arm. The person who did the shopping has little skill.

    • Sssung

      This what a photoshopped 58 year old woman looks from behind.

    • Arnold Schwarzenegger

      If she really looks like that – I’d Do Her

    • Neptune50

      Very nice, but I’d really have to see her in person to be sure. Just saying

    • Arnold’s Stepchild Spanky

      Turn around we want to see those BOOBIES!

    • Bunny

      Brilliant…love it…if you didn’t know she was 58 you’d never guess. Which goes to prove age is only a number. I’m glad she found such strength to recover and rebuild her life and her body. That’s real achievement and I , for ine, don’t have it in me!!!way to go I think you say in the USA

    • Bunny

      Photoshop can’t make THAT much of a difference…it can’t take stones of you. A touch of jealousy methinks?

    • m myers

      I’m 54 and look as well…..but in her pic we can’t see below the fanny line…that’s where I store my cellulite…she could have some too.

      I looked terrific until menopause (late forites)…..what the heck was that all about and why did it do this to my body?

      Not fair…my boyfriend’s beer belly just gets bigger and bigger and he doesn’t seem the least bit concerned.

      At 58 show it sister….might as well!

    • asal
    • Jjbsgrl

      I too, worked in geriatric care, and some of those older women did look surprisingly smooth for their ages. Never saw a 90 year old like that, but a 75 year old… Yes. I already know at late 30s that I don’t have long for smoother skin, but some folks age well. Photoshop be damned.

    • myranda

      wow. you can do some amazing things with the right photo editing software, eh?

    • Frenchie

      arms raised strategically up in the air to raise up the breast, postion of back facing the camera hides the stomache, hair placed carefully over the breast, all of this has been done by a professional photographer, because everybody of her ilk and money would have nothing but the best to photograph her. Joe bloggs with his mobile camera know thats a different story….We all could look that good with a bit of clever photography. But hey, why should she if she wants to, if it makes her feel better?…I am a sculptor and artist, the human body is my subject. I think all bodies are beautiful..young, old, fat and thin…the landscape of the body is wonderful. Would I pose in the nude for a photo?….no thanks…too busy.

    • Jimmy

      Great post. Thanks for post so good articles.

    • HS

      That is a terrible excuse for a photo attempting to portray a lass naked.. That is hardly what anyone would honestly observe or desire to observe.. Full frontal is the correct method in portraying beauty in a female, if it is intended to be an art form.. That is where more flaws may be observed..

      • Camelhump

        “That is where more flaws may be observed..”

        Lol that’s the point. Her back is gorgeous, most are hideous.

    • Elizabeth

      What is she, a wizard?

    • SandiB

      Okay, she has smooth skin, but let the arms down, shake it out then let’s talk. And let’s see her from the front…tell-tale chest!!!

    • Margaret Lorraine

      yeah, right. . . . can you say ‘posed and retouched’?
      i thought you could!

    • Jill


    • Jennifer June

      Yeah… my body looks exactly like that after a work-out, a cold shower and and hour and a half of photoshop.

    • Lee

      Maybe the photo has been retouched, maybe not. Some women age well, although most Caucasian women don’t age nearly as well as women of color. I’m her age, and I have been told, nude, full frontal, that I have the body of a 40 year old!

      • Dave

        Hell, we would love to see that!

    • susi

      Actually, yeah. Photoshop CAN take stones/pounds off you. Prettily easily, in fact. I don’t think that’s been done here–it’s just a well posted photo to hide any potential signs of aging. I mean, it’s full of classic posing strategies for anyone, even hotter-than-heck models.

    • edo deweert

      i have seen “normal” 58-year ols women’s bodies and they do not at all look like this one; in fact they look a lot better.
      wtf does she try to prove?
      aging is a normal part of life, things happen and there is really nothing wrong with sagging tits, or some cellulite in the buttocks.
      this obsession with looking youthful (=sexy?=desirable?) is so shallow.
      so north-american….
      as an older male who poses naked at art colleges and for art groups,i can tell you that my aging body, complete with spare tire and wrinkles is very much in demand……then again, male may well be the operative word here.
      check out the blog at

    • r4

      58-Year-Old Woman? No i cant believe!

    • Alice Homer

      oh my, how does she get so bronzed?*!

    • Renee Sears

      I am calling BS on this one