Gallery: What Not To Wear For A Job Interview

Once upon a time, I showed up for an interview with an editor wearing my usual gray, Calvin Klein interview suit. Upon seeing me, the editor noted that every single other person she had met with showed up in jeans. I joined her in faux-horror — this being LA and people being who they are, and the job being freelance, I was not actually that surprised — and landed the position.

I mean, I obviously got the job because of my superior writing skills, but I think the suit helped.

So that said, if you were one of those people who didn’t get the job, sorry bout’cha, and maybe you should avoid these mistakes next time around*:

*I’m pretty sure that none of these apply if you work in fashion. In that case, go ahead and pull off your best “Devil Wears Prada.” Whatever. But for the rest of you, you are not Anne Hathaway, so let’s keep it on the tasteful side.

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    • K

      Damn. I’ve been wearing frayed denim shorts with fish nets, stripper heels, and spaghetti string tank tops to all of my job interviews. I never wear flip flops though…I just keep them visibly tucked in my purse so that my potential employer knows that I’m prepared for occasions when stripper heels aren’t appropriate.

      • Jessica Pauline Ogilvie

        Smart move.

    • sunnylovey

      Yes i think interview is a serious and formal occasion, we should pay more attention to our every particular gesture and behavior, including dresses. louis vuitton 2010 collection

    • lolrus

      Everything depends on job you’re applying for.

    • Katie

      I wore flip flops for a job interview when I was straight out of college. A school district that I didn’t want to work for called me up. I wore that and a linen skirt and got the job an hour later! I agree though, they would generally be a no-no.