Perfect Figures Through History (Vote For Tomorrow’s Trend)

If your body isn’t the perfect type today, history indicates that you just need to wait a few years. Taking these classic body types into account, what do you think tomorrow’s perfect figure trend will be? Vote!

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    • Dove

      Gosh Jayne Mansfield was pretty.

      Mariska Hargitay has all the luck.

      • chrisbean

        Lucky having a sexy mom, but not so lucky to be in the back seat during the car crash that killed her mother and two other passengers. Unless you mean lucky for surviving it?

      • Dove

        I was just being stupid – as if to say that having genes that predispose you to be beautiful = perfect life.

    • Eileen

      I feel like the others are trends, but the hourglass shape never goes away. Maybe you can’t wear the clothes that are really in style, but the true hourglass is always going to be sexy.

    • Christina

      I want the Classical Greek style back. It’s my favourite (and by pure coincidence, my body type – sans the ridiculously perky breasts): slim, but not too thin, yet athletic – those women didn’t just lie around, they have muscle!

    • Lyndsey

      Studies have shown that across cultures, globally, the look that every single man is attracted to on some genetic level is a waist line that is 70% the size of hips. So hourglass all the way.

      • Christina

        Doesn’t hourglass also require the chest to be approximately the same size as the hips? So simply having the 0.7 hips-waist-relation doesn’t mean hourglass.

    • MM

      I vote for “whatever we damned want to be.” Fashion has been diversified and takes influences from all eras now…why shouldn’t the same be reflected in body types? Nobody can pull of a flapper dress like a flat-chested girl, or a pin-up look like an hourglass one. Now if only we could bring back the chiton.

    • Kat

      The Cindy Crawford era was the best for body types; the models were really healthy and happy looking.

    • lolrus

      I guess they will use only men like Andrei Pejic or corsets to make these thin starving girls even more thinner.

    • MNiM

      I can’t remember where I read it or I would leave a link, but apparently there’s a correlation (though of course correlation is not causation) between women’s freedom and body size, but not the way you’d probably guess.

      Historically, when times have been better for women socially/politically, body policing and a obsession with female thinness pops up. Compare the Flapper to the Gibson Girl, for example.

      • Christina

        Makes sense. If it looks like women are getting too much political and financial power, is there anything easier than to make them fret about their body insecurities? Who has the time to read the newspapers when you’re busy measuring the grams of fat in your breakfast.

      • MM

        I’ve heard the same theory before but I call BS. How is one ideal more “body policing” than the other? Someone with a Louise Brooks figure would have been preoccupied with insecurities during the Gibson Girl era.

    • Kelly

      Dang!!! I’m about 24,ooo years too late is the body shape dept. haha! (I do have arms)