Real Talk: ‘Do Women Care If Men Are Fat?’ & Other Questions About Male Bodies

Earlier this week–as a Hunger Games-themed Real Talk–we rounded up some men and asked them their feelings on women and weight. As you may have expected, it’s now the ladies’ turn. So we asked a bunch of women what their ideal male body type was, how much body type determined the way they date, how much a man’s weight influences their happiness in a relationship, etc. Here we go.

[Ed. Note: On Monday, we used female nudes to represent the male opinions. This week, we're using male nudes, so potentially, the following CELEBRATED ARTWORKS are NSFW. This is obviously deeply stupid but I still have to warn you: full peen ahead.]

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    • matbo

      All these women are so modest. I get the whole falling in love with personality thing, but honestly I do meet men I just want to do. These men tend to be fit. Fit varies a lot from man to man and their respective body types, but a slight definition of muscle or a sign of an active life is a turn-on. And hands and eyes.
      I’ve dated a few “pudgy” guys, but no it was not for me. Right now I am with a tall, lean, muscular man and he lets me complain about my body image all I want. And for that I abstain from sleeping with all those other fit men. Also, I sorta love him.

    • erica

      Starting today, all of my bitching will be accompanied by emphatic windmilling of the arms.

      • Dove


    • Dove

      I’ve definitely hooked up with guys just because they were hot. And liked it. It’s not sustainable for a relationship (AT ALL) but it is certainly fun! Lucky for me my husband is both gorgeous and my best friend (aaaaawwwwwwww*puke*butitstrue).

      But, I have a huge range of hotness. All different races, heights, and weights have something to offer as far as I’m concerned. I’ve hooked up with an absolutely pitch-black-skinned muscle-y track runner and a 5’6” Jewish guy and a 6’5” skinny-minny blond and thought they were all hot. I am a Benetton ad of sluttiness.

    • Eileen

      I feel like an anomaly because I find “skinny” men to be kind of a turn-off. Please be a few inches taller than I am (5’6″) and wear at least a 32 waist. I like muscled guys, but not cut ones – they make me feel self-conscious about the fact that my stomach isn’t a washboard. So: muscular but soft.

      • Lauren

        I agree with you. I don’t like skinny guys at all. I need something to wrap my arms around without feeling like I’m hugging myself. Guys with muscle, but aren’t crazy big, are my preference.

    • sheherbano

      is slide 3 a jenny saville?

      also, my usual ‘type’ is on the lower side of the weight spectrum, but being cut isnt so important. like, i have totally desired guys with a little pooch on the tummy. because, stoners, and munchies, and, they will be good. but skinny boys are definitely pretty and i’m not intimidated by their size because i’ve always been waifish myself.

      p.s.: hands.

    • sheherbano

      okay actually i can sum up my ideal in three words. or two because i don’t know what the hyphen technically makes it: joseph gordon-levitt. :D

    • amanda.

      I’ve always dated tall, skinny boys. However to be completely honest, at this point in my life, funny and smart far outweighs tall and skinny. I think Zach Galifianakis is the hottest, sexiest fella in all the world. So there.

      • Leah Dwyer


    • Chickalupe

      I haven’t even read the article yet, but the phrase “full peen ahead” made me laugh until I had tears in my eyes! I now plan to work it into a conversation at work.

    • merlin


    • Kat

      I like tall, thin guys with a little definition but personality and a nice face are more important to me.

    • skstroup

      I like this article. A lot of the responses were very humorous. I usually go for the “smoking scarecrow” type. Men who smoke cigarettes, or look like they do, are tall and very thin. Go figure.

    • Baker Girl

      I think its strange that The Gloss is spending all this time to try and make women feel better about themselves and not worry about what “socity” says is the ideal, but we can’t do the same for our man in our lives. I love my man for who he is. I lovingly tease him because I stand a whole inch an half taller than him which some of my friends and coworkers thought was weird. But, he is the nicest guy ever and who cares (and he doesn’t mind when I wear 5 inch heels ;) )!

    • Christina

      I can’t help to notice that most of these women seem so much kinder and accepting of different body types than the men interviewed. Maybe it’s just a coincidence, a sample bias?

      I have to agree: even though I have “an ideal male body” in mind that I find sexy, in practice I there is a wide variety of what I find attractive.

      Often it has more to do with ambition and passion; if the man is passionate about something in his life – be it music, languages, law, travel, whatever – I usually find that attractive and by association, their body.

      And an attractive face (which doesn’t mean chiseled male model) makes up for lots of “flaws” of the body.

      Obviously there are limits: too fat or too thin is an absolute turn-off, as well as a face I don’t find desirable. I don’t think it’s too superficial not to want to date someone much fatter or less-in-shape than I am (I run or go to the gym 3-4 times a week, which is not unrealistic to ask for).

      And then there are so many other factors than mody fat percentage that play a part in attraction: their smell, the sound and timbre of their voice, are they kind, are they funny, are they willing to learn about the world around them.

      Even some things that might be considered flaws can make someone (already attractive even more) attractive: like a tiny beer belly that delicately protrudes above the waistband of their boxers. So adorable.

      And most importantly: does he actually like me? Is he kind to me?

    • Hanna

      I have a thing for the tall skinny boys but I’ve been with chubby ones, too. I really don’t mind a bit of lovehandle on a guy. Much more important are good skin, nice teeth, nice hands, no smelly breath, stuff like that. A guy can have Brad Pitt’s body, if he chews his nails and suffers from dandruff, I am not going to get near him – ever.
      However, what turns my head in the street doesn’s necessarily end up in my bed and vice versa. There’s just this general rule that obese men aren’t my thing and that he has to be clean and at least as tall as me (5 ft 5). Apart from that, it’s personality all the way. Oh yeah, and he has to smell nice. Smell is so very important.

    • Erin S.

      I’m a healthy woman long distance dating a guy with a little bit of heft to him. He’s a little chunky; never bothered me and I think he’s sexy as hell.

      But because of crazy schedules, we hadn’t been together in person for about 6 weeks and when we got together, he must have gained maybe 15 pounds.

      And I was completely disgusted…could barely look at him…I mean, he was really fat. And I realized that whatever that makes me, I’m not attracted to fat.

    • woo

      I like a man with junk in the trunk. No matter if men are fat, skinny, muscly, whatevs, if they have a botty they are all good with me.

    • Magda

      I can honestly say that I’ve been attracted to all types, tall, skinny, short, muscular, in between. But in terms of an ideal, I like big, manly men, like my most recent “crush” who my friends and I names Lumberjack. He had a gorgeous face, was easily 6’2″ and built like a mountain. And most importantly, he had a great set of legs and an ass I wanted to bite into.

      Some times I feel like I objectify men in the way that I check them out. But then I get over It. I just really love legs and ass on a man.

      Not gonna lie, in my early years of college, a guy(he was a soccer player) was doing a presentation, and I literally did not hear a word he said because my brain just zeroed in on his AMAZING legs.

      Its bad… Like really bad. Sometimes I feel like a pervert.

    • cross

      Physically, I don’t like skinny men–they’re actually a big turn off. I like weightier, muscular guys–not chiseled, but not obese, just bulky and strong (hair, especially a beard, is a plus).

      The things that will get me the most, though, are a great smile and a warm, open personality.

      • Ben

        A great smile and a warm personality? Why don’t you marry a chimpanzee then? Dumbass!

      • Zeppo

        Chimpanzees have horrible personalities, dude. They may have big smiles, but they are nasty, violent creatures.

    • Rick

      I am 6’2″ and 300 lbs, shaved head and goatee and for some reason, my weight has not hindered me from being attractive to women(?). One woman told me she found me irresistible and another says that I am very attractive and another one says I have an “amazing aura” and charisma. I definitely do not fit the image of the ideal man (if that means a six pack abdomen, square jaw, six-figure job) and I am just amazed that at 300 lbs I get so much positive female attention. Does anyone have any thoughts as to WHY, if we are such a weight conscious society, that it has not hindered me more?