Look! A New Fad Diet! Would You Try ‘Le Forking’?

Since we’ve already heard about how dieting is terrible, lets review a new fad diet! Apparently the Dukan Diet is out, Le Forking is in. It’s gaining popularity in France and dictates that during your evening meal you’ll only consume foods that can be eaten with pronged utensils. Elle Magazine [print] reports “no it’s not legal to grab a cheeseburger and gnaw.” But what can you eat? Let’s review (and maybe make fun of it a little in the comments if you feel like it! Or not. It doesn’t sound like the worst thing ever.):

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    • Odbery

      Pie! You eat pie with a fork! (Right?)

      • Christina

        Yes, at least in a civilized world.

    • andrea dunlop

      Cereal with a fork and cake with a spoon?! Ils sont FOUS, les francais.

    • Jamie Peck

      You can eat anything with a fork if you want to badly enough.

    • M

      I’m pretty certain I could find a way to eat anything with a fork, so long as I wanted it enough. STOP TRYING TO OPPRESS ME, DIET WORLD.

      I will admit to using obnoxiously tiny appetizer forks to eat real food though. It makes me go slower because I can’t take enormous bites, so I don’t accidentally scarf down a whole universe of pasta before I realize I’m full. I think my fork ‘diet’ is more practical than France’s.

      • andrea dunlop

        You could start Le Petite Forking diet!

    • Arnie

      My flatmates and I quite frequently eat with, erm, unusual utensils.
      Pie with chopsticks, spoons for pizza, toothpicks for curry, knives (and only knives) for many, many things. I think eating stirfry with a whisk was the trickiest. Although the resulting photos were fairly fantastic.

      Point is, you can eat anything with anything if you want to. I will damn well slice that delicious bread with a fork if it means I get to eat it.

    • Gutiesc


    • Lisa

      Is this the opposite of a juice diet?

    • Eileen

      I refuse any diet that will not allow me (vegetarian) minestrone.

    • Somnilee

      As I pride myself on the fact that I can eat most things with a fork, and just a fork, I see no problem with this!

    • Nessy

      I can and will spear everything in that gallery and shove it into my face, just to be contrary. Excuse me while I get my fork.

    • MNiM

      This “diet” only works where the precise rules of utensil use matches exactly matches the French style.

      Americans, whose utensil etiquette is completely different from Europeans, are required them to attempt to use the fork alone whenever possible (and who thus put their knives down between uses) are likely to be very disappointed and confused about the rules of the diet.

      Basically the diet is in fact: pasta, fish and some veg. That’s it! But that’s not a very catchy name.