Poll: Are You Into Dudes With Long Hair?

Over at Betty Confidential today, Jackie Cascarano argues against any males who aren’t motorcycle riding bad boys having long hair. She mourns Gisele’s hot football player husband’s decision not to cut his hair, then launches into a discussion of who should and should not be allowed to wear his hair long, like a girl would.

“It’s not that we’re against long hair on men, just long hair on certain men,” she writes. “Pretty boys should stick to the pretty boy handbook and keep their locks in check. If you’re not going to grab us around the waist, throw us on the back of your motorcycle and forget to call us in the morning, you might as well cut your hair, look the part and put on your chinos for brunch.”

Excuse me, but what pretty boy handbook does she have? I can’t think of anything prettier than a waifish young boy sporting long, lovely, flowing locks down to his ass. (I’m looking at you, Adrej Pejic.) I think she’s confusing “pretty boys” with “preppy boys,” or, as I like to think of them, “boring, un-fuckable boys.”

Maybe we’re just crazy, but there’s a general consensus among my friends that dudes should never, ever cut their hair. When my boyfriend got his hair cut short towards the beginning of our courtship, it made me like, ten percent less attracted to him. I even have a friend who straight up refuses to date any guy without long, beautiful tresses. (She also likes dudes who dress like Goth cowboys and wear man rings, but that’s a story for another day). Are we a bunch of Brooklyn weirdos, or do you agree? Lay it on me, dear readers.

Sorry! This poll is now closed.

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    • Carolyn


    • Eileen

      I don’t like men with long hair, no matter what they look like (but then I <3 preppy boys). I do, however, respect men's right to wear their hair however they damned well please, free from this chick's complaining.

    • miinxi

      YES. I refuse to allow my partner to cut his hair. But his is shoulder length and hes a drummer so its pretty hot. Not perfectly brushed hair or those manky men that are 40+ and tie it into creepy pony tails (partner is 23 so still sexy mexy!)

    • Somnilee

      As a woman with a LOT of hair, I appreciate a guy who’s got a bit to flop around/run my fingers through/get everywhere as it makes me feel better about myself.

      If I’m on top of a guy, I normally feel self conscious about how my hair goes everywhere and normally tie it up, but where I’ve recently been with a guy with hair very much the same as mine (longer!), it was a massive release to have his hair “getting in my way” as well, because it made me realise it’s not a big deal at all.

    • hannah

      I’m not saying guys with long hair can’t be attractive, but I’ve never seen a guy with long hair who wouldn’t look better with short hair.

    • Kellie

      I don’t have a preference. Long hair looks amazing on some guys, while it makes others look like Mango Man. I’m from Hawai’i where it’s looked at as more of a cultural thing and less as a vanity issue. It’s very socially accepted here, except if you went to my high school where boy’s hair wasn’t allowed to touch the top of a collared shirt. But yeah, I like it on some dudes…I wish I could upload a picture of my ex-boyfriend, he’s a perfect example of someone who should never cut their hair.

    • porkchop

      My hair preference is total Establishment. I like Jon Stewart hair. However, if these were colonial times, I would like a man with with shoulder length hair tied back with a black ribbon :)

    • Hillary

      I generally have one rule: it can’t be longer and prettier than mine.

      However, I think, just like in women, it depends on their body type. For example – soccer players with long hair… yum.

    • grammalori

      I think that long hair on the right man looks gorgeous. I also think that long hair on the right woman looks gorgeous. I also think that a person’s hairstyle should suit both their aesthetic and personality traits. Yeah, some people might looks more attractive with different hair but they wouldn’t look like THEMSELVES.

      However, if i make out with a dude with long hair, I usually end up putting it in a ponytail for him. That shit gets in my mouth.

    • B

      Yes yes YES YES. Oh god it is so hot to pull on his hair. Ugh, my guys hair is almost as long as mine but he keeps it braided for work. He CONSTANTLY teases me that he’s going to take it out one day. He’s been warned that I might mount him in public if I see this.

    • Shae

      Met and fell for my man when he had long hair. He cut it and he’s still dreamy. So, no opinion.