What Your Tattoos Say About You

While I don’t fully agree with the chart above, it’s got a point. Tattoos have the possibility of being beautiful works of art when you take your time and decide what you want, if you want that design for the rest of your life, and when you research a reputable artist. But, these following tattoos are not any of those.

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    • Nikki

      But that ice cream tattoo is just so precious…

    • MNiM

      LOVE “Bad Decisions”.

    • minoo


    • Jamie Peck

      The chair one is boring but fine, and Gucci Mane can do whatever he wants. I agree with you on all the other ones. Thanks for reminding me that my tattoos are better than a lot of people’s. :)

    • Kelly

      Tatoos are SO SO SO TRASHY!!!!! I have not ever seen one that I like, ever!

    • Gutiesc

      I have never loved a tattoo more than that Golden Girls tat. I salue you.

    • Elle

      Hmm… funny, but I work in the salon industry where practically all my coworkers have full sleeves and some even have neck/hand tattoos. They all pay taxes and show up to work on time.

      • andy mack

        of course they all do, because you all wear the new uniform of conformity, which you can never take off. way to be original!

    • Dominique Rice

      I always hate little charts like these. My husband has tattoos on his upper arms and shoulder blade. He is a U.S. service member. I have a “tramp stamp” and I am nowhere near easy. I have a wrist tattoo, and I have a great job with benefits. By the time we are all old, nursing homes will be filled and 90% of the people will have visible tattoos. :-p

    • Sharona

      “faggy lameness”