Would You Wear: A Snakeskin Manicure?! (With Bonus Poll)

The next big beauty trend may be grosser than you think: a California-based manicurist is charging $300 to press snakeskin on your nails. According to StyleList, the process involves individual pieces of snakeskin “cut to size, applied with a gel varnish and sealed using UV light.” It takes over two hours, with manicures lasting up to three weeks and pedicures up to twelve weeks.

So, onto the polling:

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My first reaction was, “Gross!” but then I began thinking about hypocrisy and thought, ultimately, is this any different from wearing snakeskin pumps? Or carrying a snakeskin clutch?

…Yes. Ultimately, the answer is yes. Neither of those things involve gluing a dead animal’s flesh onto your body.

(via StyleList, who’s got video)

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    • Nicole

      I would do it if I could afford it! It’s just snake leather… and um, who’s with me for cow leather appliqued nails? Anyone? Branded leather… yea… :)

    • G

      Or putting a dead animal (aka chicken breast? steak?) inside your body?

    • Anna

      It’s just the shed skin. It doesn’t involve killing the animal, unlike shoes or purses. This is much more humane.