Red Carpet Rundown: The Worst Dressed At The 64th Annual Cannes Film Festival

Earlier we posted galleries from the Cannes film festival’s opening ceremony and the best looks that followed. You know what that means… yes, it’s time for the shameless attention-grabbers, the ill-fitting jumpsuits and the truly terrible ideas. Welcome to the worst dressed of Cannes.

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    • Corporate Tool

      I dunno, I kinda dig SJP’s dress.

      • sheherbano

        agreed. actually i love it. hate her, but love it.

    • porkchop

      I know that the explosion of pink tulle is wrong, but I want to wear it anyway! It’s like taking your first slumber party and turning into a dress! It’s like wearing the concept of staying up as late as you want eating ice cream! it’s like being Jem at the prom!

    • Fabel

      I know it’s tasteless, but…I would definitely wear Candice Boucher’s dress.