Playboy’s Playmate Of The Year Is A Classic Pin-Up Girl

When I first saw the pictures and video of Claire Sinclair, Playboy‘s 2011 Playmate of the Year, I was tempted to write about how she looks so different than your typical Playboy Playmate; she appears to be on the more voluptuous side, with some meat on her bones and some curves to her body and a vintage style.

But then I realized that not only does she say she’s 5’7 and 119 pounds, she’s also young and pretty, with smooth skin and glossy hair. In other words, she’s not that much of a deviation from the Playboy norm. What makes her stand out, rather, is what her classic pin-up girl look represents.

First of all, the Bettie Page throwback look is so…hip. It surprises me for some reason that Playboy is current enough to recognize that this girl, who is a vision of the burlesque rebirth, is the standing definition of modern, quirky sexy. After all these years, Playboy remains relevant! Well played, 85-year-old Hef. You’re not a legend for nothing.

And speaking of the burlesque rebirth, it’s interesting that a style that began in tiny subcultures of Rockabilly and tassel-twirling chicks has made it’s way to the cover of a magazine that represents the mainstream beauty ideals of middle America. It reminds me of the fact that it was girls who rocked the original version of Sinclair’s look back in the 1950′s — including Page herself — that got Playboy off the ground in the first place.

The whole thing is quite meta when you come right down to it.

All I’m really saying is that I like Claire Sinclair.

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    • Faye

      Wow! i’m so glad Playboy have noticed the change in model culture! It’s the right step in showing people that you dont have to be size 0 to be stunning! x

    • Ashley

      Gorgeous girl! Just a brief commentary though: 5’7″ and 119 lbs is still definitely pretty close to the height/weight ratio of Playmate of the Years in the past (minus maybe last year) and something most women could not attain. That height and weigh ratio doesn’t necessarily spell “curvy” to me, even if her pictures do. I wish women wouldn’t feel the need to list this (and of course hypocritical of me since I’m commenting on it) at all so that we could just appreciate her beauty as it is.

    • Ashley Cardiff

      Isn’t she dating Hefner’s kid, though?

      • Jessica Pauline Ogilvie

        Yes, as it turns out, and that might very well be how Hef was tipped off to the fact that she was hot. I’m still going to cling to my idea of him as a legend, though.

    • Jamie Peck

      I hate to go here, but burlesque/pin-up/rockabilly chicks aren’t “hip.” From the P.O.V. of, say, Vice, and the many hipster assholes who read it, they are lame and embarrassing women who weren’t hugged enough as kids and are stuck in some sort of nineties concept of “alt” culture.

      On a completely unrelated note, you can be tiny and still have some curves. But I like looking at women with bigger curves than that (maybe because that’s what I look like and I’m vain).

      • Jessica Pauline Ogilvie

        I would say that “hip” and “hipster” — Vice hipster, specifically — are two different things. Variations on Sinclair’s look are something you see pretty frequently among women in cities, but it’s still, shall we say, cutting edge for mainstream America. That’s what I meant by “hip.”

        As far as Vice magazine, I mean, shit. I just honestly don’t think that their opinion matters. The Vice mentality boils down to wielding hipster culture as a weapon against the big, mean world and as a way to put down other people and feel better about yourself. That’s not really cool or hip. Or even modern. It’s actually the kind of social survival tactic that probably dates back throughout human civilization.

        Anyway. Fuck Vice, and yay Claire Sinclair.

    • m myers

      When I was young curves were in….i was skinny and could eat all day. Now, skinny is in and I finally got the curves…sheesh, i give up!

      At 18 I was barely a size 1….couldn’t find anything smaller than a 5 on the rack, now there are complete stores devoted to sizes 0-3 and now that I am 6-8 I am considered “plus size”.

      Two words: “Screw ‘em”

    • asal