Gallery: Eight Gorgeous Plus-Size Models

In a comment on my post about her magazine yesterday, Beautiful editor Sue Thomason said that she only uses models above a U.K. size 12 to “redress the balance.” In other words, since you only see skinny models in most magazines, it’s important to show an equal number of larger models in hers. This makes a certain kind of sense. I’m not saying we should live in some communist utopia where everyone gets to be a model who wants to be one, but we need to expand our concept of beauty from where it is now. It’s with this in mind that I’ve made a gallery of eight beautiful plus-size models.


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    • Sarah

      Great, so now we’re actually *encouraging* the obesity epidemic?

    • Danielle

      @Sarah: None of these girls are obese.

      I think that this is great cause all women in the world are not a size 0-8 . All of these women are healthy and look great which is what all people (men or women) should be striving for. One day it would just be nice to see a mixture of different body sizes without someone being labeled regular, plus or super plus size.

    • Topf

      WTH these girls are not obese. I will never understand people who think that if you’re not bones and skin you are unhealthy. WTH forever.

    • Dove

      Not only aren’t they obese, they are fucking gorgeous. I’d give anything to look as good as Crystal Renn!

    • Eileen

      Okay, there is absolutely nothing unattractive about any of these women, but can we please not label anyone “healthy” or “unhealthy” unless we actually know her? A woman could be perfectly healthy at, say, a size sixteen – a different woman could be healthy at a size zero – and yet another could be incredibly unhealthy at a size six.

      But I do agree that these models are all beautiful.

    • Sara

      I’m super super confused. The first lady looks to be of totally average size, but with way better-than average proportions. I have no idea who she is, but it completely alarms me that she was put into this gallery. This is why at size 4 I’m terrified of gaining weight. Apparently I’m on the brink of being plus-sized.

      • Jamie Peck

        According to the internet, Toccara Jones is a size 12-14 and is on the small side of plus size. Please also remember that what the fashion industry considers “plus size” is actually a fairly normal and common body type.

      • Sara

        I totally get what you are saying–but in that particular picture she looks like an 8. Maybe a fluffier looking picture would have been better.

    • Mikey C.

      Charlotte Coyle is Irish, not English. But I agree that she is smokin’ hot.