Would You Wear: Oddly Beautiful Edible Rings Made Of Dried Fruit

Introducing the strangest–and most strangely beautiful–rings we’ve seen in a long time: blogger Cathy of La Prochaine Fois (which she calls “a journal of moments”) used a dehydrator to dry out thin slices of fruits and vegetables, then carefully arranged them in floral-looking layers atop metal rings. Excepting that metal loop, they’re totally edible. But why would you want to eat something so pretty?

So: would you wear one of these kiwi or apple creations? Which is your favorite?

(via Refinery29)

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    • nicole

      they’re kind of amazinG! i really like the orange one, the peel definitely adds extra pizzazz and i like the beet. I think i would totally where these, my only concern would be if they’d get sticky or gross

    • sheherbano

      burnt granny smith and beet. so pretty!