Five Great Things About Eating In Bed

Eating in bed may be for the more adventurous person, and probably not someone who is germaphobic or cringes at the thoguth of crumbs in their bed, but we think you should try it at least once in your life. Maybe even make it a regular occurance. Here’s why!

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    • Christina

      Eating in bed is lovely, I eat most of my meals there.

      But the thing about breakfast in bed I do not understand: you do get up to brush your teeth first, right? But if you’re already up, why not just eat breakfast at a table?
      Especially if it’s a surprise breakfast, doesn’t it kill the mood to go brush your teeth first and then come back?

      I’m making this too complicated, am I?

    • Aimee

      You’re supposed 2 brush AFTER u eat (ask a dentist)

      • Christina

        I do brush after I eat as well, but at least my mouth is gross when I wake up and subsequently any food I’ll eat will be gross as well unless I brush my teeth first.

    • PlatypusShankie

      Okay, main topic aside, that puppy just might be the cutest ever!