American Apparel Cleverly Uses Bare Breasts To Sell Jeans

Much was made of American Apparel finally entering the denim market, a move that would supposedly help the beleaguered company stave off bankruptcy. Now the campaign has dropped and American Apparel did exactly what we’ve come to expect: not really highlight the product, but offer some some seedy, light-saturated images of a hot topless girl. Does this mean they fit well?

You may, of course, see the full ad in all its softcore glory, but it is obviously NSFW.

(Copyranter via Styleite)

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    • Jenny

      I know it’s slightly besides the point, but is it just me or does the model look really uncomfortable and almost disgusted in just about every one of those pictures?

      • MM

        Not just you. AA’s ads are ridiculous. I do appreciate the range of body types but everyone looks bored, uncomfortable, and/or sickly. I guess that’s ‘hip’ now but I find it more attractive when the models look, you know, happy.

    • Mark

      It’s not terribly inspired. If you’re going to do a topless jeans ad at least use a model with bigger boobs.

    • Chris

      AA is one of few apparel companies that still makes their products in the US and pays living wages to employees. I think people need to stop giving them such a hard time. They are challenged with selling their products at a higher price because they are paying Americans. Which means they need to stand out in an competitive market that has an overseas upperhand. But many Americans are so cheap, they’d rather have slaves then sex. AA is right now being pressured to start outsourcing manufacturing overseas unless their sales pick up. And then what… a bunch of nipple whinners will be complaining that theres no jobs in the US.

    • Alex Kaow

      I love AA and A&F’s attitude!!