Fashion Disasters: Aubrey O’Day Looks F’ing Ridiculous In Vegas


Here’s former Danity Kane bandmate and current reality television star Aubrey O’Day, um, let’s say “vamping” about the Liquid Pool Lounge Party at the Aria Resort in Las Vegas.

To say nothing of the fact that O’Day is making a statement about the importance of cosmetic surgery in her life, this swimsuit is about as fug as a plain white bikini can get (note the weird little frills on the bottom). Good thing she brought along a demure cover-up:

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    • sarahnoid

      Man. Trowel on the make up, girl!

      • Ashley Cardiff

        I believe the bottom photo shows her face has begun to sweat under all the troweling.

    • Somnilee

      I quite like the “weird frill on the bottom”, but oh my, the upper half! How does she not just topple straight over?

    • Shae

      Anybody else think her bikini top just looks like the boring bras you buy at JC Penny?