Kate Middleton Meets Michelle Obama, Weirdness Ensues For Millions Of Americans

Is it just me, or is it weird to see Kate Middleton performing royal duties? I mean, all this time we’ve been drilled with the notion that she’s just another commoner; her whole storyline in the media has been “local girl makes good,” and now we’re going to have to start taking her seriously as a princess who regularly socializes with people like…well, like the Obamas.

Of course, in this picture we have what appears to be a normal-girl moment shared between Michelle and Kate during the Obama’s recent trip to England, which I appreciate. In my mind, the two of them are having a good laugh over how ridiculous all the pomp and circumstance is, and maybe even a chuckle about how much the waistband of Kate’s hose are cutting into her abdomen, which you’d think they could fix — she is a princess, after all!

Anyway. It’s not that I have anything against Kate Middleton or that I begrudge her the mini-throne. It’s just…weird. It’s like seeing someone you know star in a movie. And I have to wonder if it’s weird for Michelle Obama here, too, to defer to tradition and treat this chick who everybody in the world just watched become royalty as if she’s always been royalty.

[image via NYMag]

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    • porkchop

      Kate: ohmygosh we have the same coloring don’t we?

      Michelle. Haha. I think you’re a little more orange. Still, you are oddly dark for a white English person.

      Kate: My dress really accentuates my tan.

      Michelle: I was hoping I could draw attention away from your skin by dressing like a clown, but I don’t think it’s working.

      • Cori

        It *was* a noble effort, though. MRO’s outfit is …unflattering.

    • Jennifer Wright

      SUPER WEIRD! I heard they were meeting on the news this morning and realized that I’ve seemingly totally bought into the whole “she’s just a normal girl thing!” because I found myself thinking “wow, I’d be so excited the morning before I was meeting the Obamas. I bet Kate must be so excited about meeting the Obamas this morning, I bet she is freaking the fuck out on the inside.” And then I realized Kate Middleton meets people like that all the time. They are probably old friends exchanging filthy jokes by this point.

      Also, she is orange, right? Fortunately, that’s bringing this down to earth for me.

      • Jessica Pauline Ogilvie

        Man, I hope they’re exchanging filthy jokes. That would be glorious. Also, totes orange.

    • Eileen

      Eh. No weirder than seeing people treat Michelle Obama like an important figure, really – just two women who are famous because their husbands are. (Nothing against either one, of course, but Michelle Obama spent even longer as a “regular person” than Kate did did)

      Also, the Obamas are gigantic. The Queen comes up, like, to President Obama’s elbow. The Duke & Duchess aren’t short people, but they look like dolls next to the Obamas.

    • Kristen

      I was thinking kind of the same as Eileen. I mean, I completely understand what the author of the post is saying–but shouldn’t the idea of becoming-royalty as opposed to born-royalty be LESS weird for us Americans?

      I mean, Michelle Obama was in a similar position, really. She went from being a “regular” (smart, successful) woman to suddenly being the first lady. It’s not like she’s been schmoozing with world leaders for her whole life, either. Maybe they’re bonding over that!