• Tue, May 24 2011

Gallery: Awful & Absurd Examples Of Women In Suits

As a rule, I think women look fantastic in suits. With a bit of confidence (and, frankly, a bit of height) women can really stand out in trousers and a jacket. Unfortunately, we can’t all be Leighton or Natalia. Sometimes we fail. And when we do, we fail spectacularly.

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  • Jenny

    Halle Berry blows my mind in that suit!! I agree with just about every one of these except for Halle. I think she looks amazing!

  • Lisa

    Yes, the collar could be switched, but Ms. Wood is hitting it out of the park for me.

  • Lisa

    Also, I want Biel’s jacket. Not the pants, though.

  • jenergy

    What, exactly, is a Jodie Marsh?

  • breezy

    I have to disagree about Jennifer Aniston. I think she looked sort of presh.

  • Elizabeth Grey

    I really like Lake Belle’s! There’s nothing wrong with a silly hat now and again.