Vote For The Best Kate Middleton-Approved Reiss Dress

Having just performed some princess’ing duties while meeting with the Obamas, Kate Middleton–or Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge–crashed the Reiss website. Just now. She showed up to meet the first family in a camel-colored Reiss bandage dress (called the “Shola”) and now everyone with internet access wants it. Since you can’t visit Reiss’ website at the moment, why don’t we see how the Shola stacks up to her previous Reiss sell-out, the “Nanette,” below:

So. Which of Kate’s Reiss frocks wins?

Sorry! This poll is now closed.

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    • Ellen W.

      I wouldn’t call that a bandage dress so much as maybe a paneled dress, or maybe a pieced-skirt dress because I thought the hallmark of bandage dresses was that they were made almost entirely out of whatever they use to make bungee cords. And that fabric first came out as belts in the 80s (had one!) and someone started making dresses out of the belts which is why they have that mummy-wrapping look.
      In any case: Why yes I have an internet connection and yes, I want it.