What Your High Heels Say About You

Kick back my little sparkle-bug, I’m going to make some incredibly biased assumptions about your personality based off your favorite pair of high heels!

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    • http://bigapplepants.com sarahnoid
    • Eileen

      My FAVORITE pair of high heels are awesome backless sandals with bows. But I wear black or brown pumps more often. I’m confused.

    • Aleya Bamdad

      Those goat ones are insane!

    • Erin

      I could probably make a gallery of my own just about all of my offbeat shoe choices. I’m all about footwear that hopefully no one else I know will ever own. After a post on them back in the fall i scoured the universe and actually purchased those zombie shoes on slide 13 in a different color. They’re ridiculous and i love them more than almost anything. Plus the teeth and eyes glow in the dark, and that’s hard to beat.

    • Brittany Ransom

      What’s hilarious is that I own those zombie shoes and I LOVE them. I wear them with a plain black dress, very little jewelry or with a black tank and dark jeans. They’re my favorite pair of shoes. I intend to get the purse, wallet and eventually the bikini when I get down to the size I want.

      And you’re SO right, I do indeed LOVE zombies.

    • Dove

      Yeah, I don’t wear any single kind often enough to choose a side here, but my favorite ones are usually bold and girly, like bright striped espadrilles or pink paint splattered pumps.

      I’ve been searching for months for the perfect pair of nude heels, like the peep-toe above… I’ll find them eventually.

    • Silke

      I never wear the same shoes two days in a row and they change with the seasons. I feature my weekly favorites here: http://www.sexyshoesexpert.com. Very funny and insightful post.

    • jj

      Wow..those shoes are real hot…I love wearing my stilettos! Stilettos and Wedges are my fave!! I currently purchased some Mea Shadow’s from salsit.com they got real nice designer brands (clothes and shoes) for half price…Can’t get enough of shoes!! I also know of their other website totalookshop.com check it out and enjoy the shoe shop!!

    • Mandi

      Where can I find these shoes??? I’ve been looking everywhere for them. Please somebody let me know. Also who makes them?