• Wed, May 25 2011

Vote: Michelle Obama Vs. Kate Middleton

There can only be one true style icon! Let’s compare some of the outfits Michelle Obama wore to visit England with some of Kate Middleton’s, and then throw one woman to the pit of fashion irrelevance (I need to believe that these polls have more impact than they do).

Sorry! This poll is now closed.


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  • Sarah

    Kate has a major face of bitch face going on in the main picture. But she’s still gorgeous.

  • Geek Porn Girl

    Michelle Obama looks like a woman and Kate Middleton looks like a sorority girl (plus I can’t stand Kate’s stringy hair… she needs a sleeker style).

  • Victoria

    Wait-are we voting to throw them into the pit of irrelevance or for the one who doesn’t get thrown in?!

  • anonny (dont want any1 2 know i come on these sites

    well it looks like a tye then any more voter
    going going gone.

  • Cara

    Both always look amazing, but I’m going with Kate. I love her style! Also, her hair looks fine to me. Not at all “stringy.”