What I Ate Today: The Health-Conscious One

You can check out a list of food diaries here.

8am: A soft-boiled egg and orange juice. I love soft-boiled eggs. I don’t eat them because I think they’re healthy – in fact, I’m trying to cut back on meat and dairy these days, so these aren’t necessarily part of that plan. But they taste good, and they make me feel a lot fuller than a bowl of cereal.

10am: Handful of raw almonds and cashews. I have to admit, only one egg is not a big breakfast, but that’s all we had, so I followed up with this pre-lunch snack. raw nuts get boring, but they keep me feeling full and they’re very good for me, so I usually keep a stash in my purse, in my desk… oh, everywhere.

1pm: Salad and soup from hale and hearty – I try to limit my carbs (that’s just what works for me, and if you want to know why, you can read this post on blisstree -  but I let myself eat about as much as I want when it comes to healthy things like vegetables, fruit, and beans. That’s pretty much all that’s in my salad and soup, and it’s tasty.

4pm: An apple. I get a pretty fierce sweet tooth after lunch, and I can only put it off for so long. On a good day, my mid-afternoon snack is a piece of fruit; bad days entail chocolate, fruit snacks, or some kind of sugar masquerading as a health bar. You guess which one is more satisfying.

8pm: Roast chicken, quinoa, and sauteed vegetables – however much I want. This really is one of my favorite dinners, honest. It makes me feel really full, and depending on what I have around, I can usually make the quinoa and vegetables taste pretty damn good.

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    • Elizabeth

      this sounds really unappealing :(

    • Eileen

      Oh, man, why did you have to mention vegetable and bean soup? Now I want some. :/

    • Melissa

      To me, this diet sounds the yummiest, and is probably closest to my own. After eating this way for about a year, I don’t really have any cravings for junk food. If I’m on vacation or in a situation where eating healthy isn’t the most convenient, I’ll have fast/fried food, but I’ll get right back on the bandwagon as soon as I can. Not because I feel guilty, but because fresh, clean, healthy food just tastes better at this point.

    • Taylor

      I like the point that when it’s completely good for you, you eat as much as you want. Such a healthy attitude, and so much more important than calorie counting. I identify most with this article, I think. I LOVE food and I eat often, but if it’s healthy and wholesome, I don’t feel the least bit bad about it.

    • Mila

      Beware that almost all cashews and most almonds are not raw even if labeled so…cashews need to be cooked in order to break them out of their shell, I think only one company in the world has the tools to extract them otherwise…
      Almonds do not have to be pasteurized but still, most are (specially from the USA).