Gallery: Supermodels Without Makeup, Hair Or Retouching

Every now and again we’re treated to one of those “Beautiful people! They’re just like us!” spreads in a magazine. But those press-baiting editorials are always in perfect, sunset lighting with glamorous styling, etc. This time, however–to celebrate the launch of the Viva model agency in London–Scott Trindle shot a bunch of top models without makeup, hair, or styling, looking just the way they did when they walked into the studio. For once, we’re getting a pretty raw look (there’s a bruise on Natalia’s leg, for example) at these women who make a living off their beauty. Unsurprisingly, they’re all still very, very beautiful. But they’re actually more compelling to look at, as well.

(See more at Vogue UK, via Styleite)

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    • Lo

      Coming soon: supermodels without makeup, hair, retouching or classy black-and-white photography. Let’s see some harsh-light full-colour passport photos.

      • Eileen

        But why would we want to? I don’t even like seeing harsh-light full-color passport photos of people I know and love. The goal might not be to make the women look beautiful, but it’s still to produce beautiful pictures.

      • Lo

        It’s still cheating a little. Plenty of glamour left in these photos. If it’s raw and compelling they’re after, they have to strip out the flattery.

      • Eileen

        Well, maybe. I still think there’s a difference between “taking a picture of a woman the way she looks when she walks through the door” and “actively trying to take a picture of a woman that makes her look as unattractive as possible.” They’re good looking women who pose for pictures all the time – at a certain point, I think the glamour is just second nature.

      • Lo

        I’m going to go for the middle ground: taking a picture of a woman the way she looks when she walks through the door, as long as it’s not the door of a studio. With these women, I’d like to see a little more character.

    • Olive

      all those models have hair, so someone needs to change the title of this article.

    • Patrícia

      why is it so horrible that they look good even without makeup or touchups? I mean, they’re models, aren’t they supposed to be beautiful for a living? They have good skin tone, so it’s normal they look good au naturel. I’m sure that unless you’re showing their mugshots, they’ll still look good. Let’s move along.