Real Talk: What Toddlers Love About Themselves

When I heard about Outer Beauty week, my first instinct was to tell you all about my awesome legs. I mean, I’m 5’9” and it’s alllll leg. I’ve always felt pretty fortunate about that. Then Jen told me that everyone likes my daughter and her friends way more than me. So we thought that you’d like to hear what the little girls all love about themselves.

First, I let them choose their incognito names. We decided that they would all be one of the 12 dancing princesses, the Barbie version. Then, we sat down to talk about how beautiful we are. The general consensus is that we’re all extraordinarily pretty. Seriously, this was an awesome group! I think groups of women should probably have more of these conversations, because the girls and I felt great after our’s. Since I was dealing with youngsters, I reminded them first that they were all beautiful! Then I asked what they love about their beautiful selves.

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    • sheherbano

      edeline is beyond amazing.

    • Megan

      Edeline is totally Brenna, isn’t she? I think I remember you talking about how she’s “not a bad girl, she just made a bad choice.” :)

      • Lindsay Cross

        Believe it or not, No! “Bad Choice” is pretty common terminology at their daycare. But don’t get me wrong, she knows how to use that smile when she’s gotten in trouble.

    • Kimmo Alm

      Being an outspoken pedophile, myself, I can only roll my eyes and agree!

      -KimmoA, AnonTalk Sysop

    • Stephanie Zhao

      I love Edeline’s response.

    • sherrizinaz

      i love this….all of it…we could all use this as a day brighner!!! thank you,as my youngest daughter is about to be 12, she may have forgotten some of these “golden” rules of beauty…thanks for sharing,so that i may now share.

    • Jessica Pauline Ogilvie

      Isla made me cry. I love her.