• Thu, May 26 2011

What Your Lipstick Shape Says About You

It says things! Did you know that? It says things to everyone! Here is what is says.

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  • Eileen

    Can you teach me how to wear my lipstick down into a shape like that cat?

    • onecoolgma73

      @Eileen>”CAN YOU TEACH ME HOW TO WEAR MY LIPSTICK DOWN INTO THE SHAPE LIKE THAT CAT? Thats to dang funny, huh? i wonder how long it took this woman to do this! she’s got really relaxed hands for a scalpel or a super good artist. Its cute but clearly not done by putting it on daily (or ever, lol). So i wonder what it says about anyone that could REALLY do that? (GREAT TALENT) I dont know, but im not sure why they would put the cat shape up if they want women to take this article serious.

  • Lisa

    Cat lipstick looks like chocolate. Mmm chocolate.

    • joanntheredhead

      I was thinking the same exact thing. Now I want chocolate.

  • Nessy

    Yay! I’m a T-Rex!

  • Brenda

    It says I am seductive tell that to my hubby lol

  • onecoolgma73

    Im STILL stumped :/ no1 can do this cat shape. So, im NOT goin by what this says,( WHAT YOUR LIPSTICK SHAPE SAYS ABOUT YOU). Thats like reading a fortune cookie and taking what it says serious. THIS IS REALLY FUNNY. WAY TO GO ON A FAKE ARTICLE!!!!!!Just my opinion.