Do You Have To Be Fit To Wear A Bikini?

First of all, I think the New York Times is copying us. The very same week that we cover “Outer Beauty,” they run a piece about how women are forced to feel ashamed about their “bikini bodies” in the months leading up to summer, ending the article with a hopeful note that more women will adopt a loving, accepting view of their bodies, and rock a bikini with confidence.

Coincidence?? I think not.

Anyway, all that said, what do you think about your body and its propensity for bikini-wearing? The Times points to the fact that come summer, women’s magazines are shoving diet and exercise plans down our throats in an attempt to help us get ready to put on the dreaded two-piece without feeling utterly shamed by our unfit figures. Because of the pressure, they note, a lot of women won’t wear bikinis — or will at least feel very self-conscious doing so — unless they’re toned to within inches of their lives.

Where so you stand? Will you wear a bikini no matter what shape you’re in? Do you want to?

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    • Meghan Keane

      Regardless of what shape I’m in, I look kind of strange in a one piece? It’s hard to find one that fits, so I’ve been wearing bikinis (different size top and bottom) for over a decade.

    • Eileen

      Okay, this might reveal me as slightly stalkerish, but isn’t that Nicole Richie, while pregnant, in the picture? I don’t think it counts as “not fit” if you’re exceptionally thin but pregnant.

      To answer the question, I wear a bikini pretty much all the time, no matter how toned I am, but I’m also at an age where all of my friends wear bikinis, no matter how toned THEY are, and I’ve also never been actually all that big. I don’t know if I would feel comfortable in a bikini if I were thirty-five and wearing plus sizes.

      • ashmoth

        Right on, Eileen! Being pregnant is NOT = not being fit.

        However, I have had three kids, the last one over 10 lbs., so no way Am I wearing anything that shows the tummy. I wear board shorts with a tankini or one piece, and a cover-up. It is what it is!

    • katie

      this is actually the first summer my weight is over 105 lb. so getting used to the fact i weigh 125 is ridiculously daunting and i have started to work out to loose at least 5 lbs if not 10 or 15. We are defiantly taught we should love our bodies but only if they are perfect model bodies I am having a lot of anxiety about the fact my thighs now touch and i have a little muffin top even though I am a healthy woman.

    • Lisa

      I would be more confident about this if some boys at a beach hadn’t once been overheard talking about whether I was pregnant or not… when I was fourteen!

    • Steph

      I haven’t worn a one piece since I was a kid. I know this sounds weird, but I can’t stand the fabric on my stomach. I feel like they make me bigger than I am. Bikinis actually make me feel better about myself.

    • andrea dunlop

      I love being in a bikini- the sun feels sooooo good on the skin after all of those months of being covered up. I fantasize about finding a spectacularly glam one-piece that I could wear with like, a chic sunhat and giant sunglasses but I’ve never seen one that really grabbed me.

    • MM

      I love my body naked but I hate it in a bikini. Maybe it’s because I’m so pale, but they just look weird on me. I stick to one pieces.

    • Futuralon

      Well I’m 31, a size 20, and I wear a bikini. If I’m doing actual swimming I prefer a 1-piece but for lazy outdoor antics I wear a bikini and a sarong. Fuck it! There’s enough hot chicks for onlookers to look at. So what if I’m gross, if it’s 110 degrees I’m going in the damn water and my sarongless, lumpy butt and huge belly are coming with me.

    • Lo

      Kinda depends how you carry weight. I have a waist and boobs but stumpy legs. I look better in a bikini (a good supportive top and boyshort bottoms), because in a one-piece, all you can see is leg stump.

    • Emily

      Soooo..i’m 17, and i’m in really good shape everywhere except my stomach. It’s just very awkward looking because my sides or “love handles” protrude while i have very narrow hips and skinny legs..i hate it because all my friends wear a bikini and i literally can’t. So basically, my entirely life i’ve been wearing a one piece or a skanky tankini :)

    • Lisa

      I’m definitely not fit. But I have worn a bikini once in my life: after my college graduation when my husband brought me to the US Virgin Islands. Knowing no one there would ever see me again gave me the courage to put on a bikini in public. And I don’t think I noticed anyone giving me awkward looks because of my weight.

      I can’t even make myself wear it in my own backyard when I’m hanging around because my neighbors would see me.